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9 Best anime to watch in 2023

New to the anime world, here is the perfect list of how you should start watching anime from the very start.

9 Best anime to watch in 2023

The Perfect Anime List

Death Note

Death Note is the first anime that created a fan base of the anime in modern times. Death Note is a short anime with 37 episodes released in 2009 and has an exciting story about a boy who gets a notebook that can kill anybody just by writing his name in it.

This anime with play with your psychology and challenge your mind to think about the next plot. also dealing with shinigami how they play mind game.

Watch Death Note for free here.


Naruto is famous worldwide, Naruto has two parts first Naruto and the second Naruto Shippuden, Naruto is the story of a boy who lost his parents when he was born and now his goal is to become Hokage (Chief of the village) and he trains so hard to achieve this goal.

Naruto is the favorite show for 20’s kids and today it remains in their hearts. The story of Naruto Uzumaki from being an orphan to the Hookage of the hidden leaf village is inspiring and overwhelming.

Naruto has a nine-tailed fox sealed inside his body which makes Naruto extremely powerful and now he is using that power to protect people from other Ninja worriers.

Naruto has inspired new gen anime like Jujutsu kaisen.

Naruto has 7 movies and 720 total episodes in both series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Watch Naruto for free here.


Bleach is one of the top anime that you can watch, it is short and interesting, and the interesting part is that it’s back after 10 years with Thousand Year Blood War Arc. This is one of the best anime you can watch if you are a newbie.

Bleach has one of the most interesting characters and transformations it has to offer. Ichigo protagonist of the Bleach anime has the best transformations from a normal human to a soul god, first a soul reaper, then a hollow, shikiai, bankai, and finally Getshuga Tensho and true shikai and Bankai are the different forms of Ichigo.

Bleach has inspired many new-gen anime like Black Clover, Demon Slayers, and Seven Deadly Sins.

Bleach has 3 movies and 372 episodes and still going on.

Watch Bleach here for free.

Read Bleach Manga for free here.

One Piece

After you are finished watching the long anime with 300-400 episodes, you are ready for the long one, One Piece Anime has the best storyline ever written.

It started airing in 1999 and now it has completed 1000 episodes, the story is still not finished yet, and people are going crazy day by day.

One Piece is the story of a boy who wants to be the king of Pirates and he started sailing the seas at a young age, his story is full of adventure and wildness. One Piece has many interesting characters and world-building at peak levels.

Once you start watching this anime you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching more and more episodes.

Start Waiting for One Piece Now.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a very popular anime series, people love it because of its lot of armor and storyline, and character development is next level.

Attack on Titan is the story of humans and Titans where humans are trapped inside three great walls that protect them from Titans. after watching anime you will come to know the real identity of Titans and how they were made.

the story in this anime is very interesting and unique and will blow your mind, this is also one of the reasons why anime fans are crazy about this anime. this anime has also been criticized for its horrible scenes in the anime.

Black Clover

Black Clover is one of the best new anime that you can watch, Black Clover is inspired by Bleach, and you can relate to both of these when you watch but the storylines are completely different, and anime and manga are not finished yet.

Back Clover is the story of two orphans living in a church and dreaming of becoming the wizard king, both kids left their home church for the capital city where the selection of a magic knight was helped in order to start their journey of becoming the wizard king.

The unique thing about black clover is that the protagonist has no magic power, and still wishes to become the wizard king with just sheer muscle strength, his struggle story will inspire you and make you think before giving up.

Black Clover is also getting a movie in 2023 ie. Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King.

You can watch Black Clover here for free.

Read Black Clover manga for free here.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is the most popular new-gen anime that has received various rewards and is known for its insane animation.

Demon Slayers is the story of Demons and Demon Slyers who hunt down demons at night, there are various ranks in the demon slayers and the highest ranking demon slayers are known as Hashira, only they are capable of confronting the upper moon demons.

Demons usually hunt at night because they are very sensitive to light and their body starts disintegrating in the presence of light.

You can say this new-gen anime has the best animation possible. Demon Slayer anime story revolves around a boy whose sister has become a demon and now he is traveling across the world to bring her sister back to a normal human.

Demon Slayer manga has finished and it has two movies “Demon Slayer Murgan Train” and “Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc”.

Demon Slayer Wordsmith village arc here.

Read Demon Slayer Manga Here.

Watch Demon Slayer anime and movie for free here.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is another new Gen anime that is full of combat fights and some overpowered characters, this anime is inspired by Naruto and while watching you will be able to relate to both of them, although the storyline and plot are different.

Jujutsu Kaisen tells the story of curses and how they are manifested from human deep desire. Curses can be in different forms and states depending upon their power.

Some can be in actual human form like Sukuna and some are in different forms depending upon their powers.

Jujutsu Kaisen has released season 2 and the manga is still going on.

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen for free here.

Read Jujutsu Kaisen Manga for free here.

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly is another great anime to watch. Seven Deadly Sins anime tells the story of seven legendary warriors who were accused of plotting and overthrowing the kingdom of Liones, the group was disbanded after they were accused of treason.

After some time when the kingdom was in trouble because of the people who betrayed and lied to the people, the Princess searched for those legendary knights to bring peace back to the kingdom.

Seven Deadly Sins are full of adventure and supernatural powers. Seven Deadly Sins have finished airing and the storyline is also completed.

Watch Seven Deadly Sins for free here.


Many of you are thinking why didn’t I mention One Peace and Dragonball well, in short, they are too long for newbies and they might get bored in 50-60 episodes but, the anime on my list is not that long sure Naruto is long but every newcomer watches it because it’s famous and exciting.

Once you have completed the above list you can head for DB and One Peace.


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