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Best 12 Episode anime

Hello there folks, I am back with new 12 episodes of anime, After watching various anime, Now I am going to reveal the best 12-episode anime that you can finish in one shot as I did, and if you are wearing you can take your time.

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Best 12 Episode anime

Black Summoner

After being reincarnated in another world protagonist has the best summoning ability in the entire world, so he keeps his identity a secret and stat with the guild to avoid the conflict with the kings and their royal pain.

He starts by hunting slime and making a pack with them, He was already overpowered so when he forms any pact with others they ultimately gain more powers and boost their level-ups.

He has the blessing of the god of reincarnation so he can defeat the demon king and also train the other people so they can defend themselves from the demons. also, the God of reincarnation has a crush on him so after some time she starts living with time along with his female party members.

Watch this anime here.

Farming in another world

Genres: Fantasy, Isekai, Harem

If you are tired of watching those same action fantasy anime one after another then, here is new anime to relax your mind.

After facing many hardships on the earth and with a weak body protagonist died and when the god of reincarnation met him, he choose to be a farmer since he was watching so much about farming when he was ill on the bed, this was Gods fault so he gave the protagonist option to choose from.

Proganist chooses to be a farmer in another world and grow crops, and now he has a body with unlimited stamina and works all day in a day without getting tired.

He started living alone in the forest but after some time many people (all girls joined him) some of them are angels, vampires,s and elves.

This anime is still going on. click here to watch it.

Cautious Hero

Genres: Actio0n, Fantasy, Adventure, and Comedy

After being attacked by the demon king, Gods are supposed to summon a hero from another world, train them and send them to defeat the Demon.

After being summoned by the Goddess, Ristarte to save the world of Gaeabrande from destruction, there was a problem, the hero was too perfect so he won’t listen o anyone and was able to master any ability in no time.

He used to overprepare for the combat that was about to face in battle since he was too powerful he can easily overpower demons in no time. also, he was hiding his ability from everyone so no one could judge him at first look.

Animation and storytelling are great and also full of comedy and action.

Wise Man’s Grandchild

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai

This is the story of a 27-year-old on earth, after working late at night in an office he was returning home, he was hit by a car and reincarnated in another world but at the start of the anime, his parents were killed by a demon and were adopted by a legendary maze.

The maze thought him how to use magic but soon the kid started to develop his own technique and easily overpowered everyone in the kingdom.

He was enrolled in the academy, and he started to teach his classmates how to use magic on a high s scale as he does and also made some magic gear for everyone.

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

This is the new anime recently adapted by Mappa, after being summoned to another world, along with the heroes to save the kingdom but since he has no combat ability he thought it would be best if he leaves the country and travels the world.

He has got the ability to online order means he can buy anything as long as he has money from another world. He start cooking in another world and people liked his cooking so much.

Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army

Another anime with demons and full of adventure, In this anime we have a protagonist who is in the demon king’s army and since he was unable to use magic he was fired from the Army, Left with nothing he was wondering in the forest and came across a girl who was chased by a monkey.

After some time he found out he is a human that’s why he was unable to use demon magic, after knowing this he is registered at the guild and bow do small gigs to make money.

Reincarnated as a sword

After bring hit by a car on the earth, the protagonist is reincarnated as a legendary sword who can communicated with his master, sword can also act on his own will, for a long time he was hunting legendary monsters and gaining their abilities.

One day the sword fell in the ground that stated sucking his mana after waiting for days so that someone can weild it, one day a group of slave dealers were passing by and attacked by some wild bears and a cat girl weild that sword from that day.

They started clearing dungeon and living together.

Watch this anime here.

Komi can’t communicate

This is great high school animw that you can watch, this anime is the story of a girl who is very famous but unable to communicate with other, she is so nervous around people that she can’t even say a word so she writes in order to communicate.

She she came to collage everyone wanted to be her friend but due to lack of communication she couldn’t find even a single friend. Hitohito Tadan is in the same class and he was the first one to communicate with Komi by writing on the board. He is an average high school boy so no one likes him and now since he can communicate with Komi everyone is so jealous of him.

This anime has two seasons with 12 episode each.

Watch this anime here.

How to not summon a Demon lord

This is the story of an addicted gamer, one day he was playing game and somehow he was teleported to the game, and since he is a addictive gamer his all abilities were outstanding. Evev the girls who summon him couldn’t control him instead they became his slaves.

Now he completes the missions and try to find they way so he can come back to the real world. anime is full of adventure and comedy. He also visited the dungeon that he created when he was playing game.

Anime has two seasons with 12 episode each.

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

This is another fantasy anime where protagnist is reincarnated to the another word in order to save it from the evil monsters and demon lord. But there was a problem when he was summon to the godess, she didn’t recognize him because he was too ugly so he was thrown away.

But since has has the blessing of another god he managed to service and because he is from another world his strength is to much for this world, everyone reuns away when they see him, in order to communicate he have to concele his aura.

He meet the dragon and founded a village where all kinds of monsters live peacefully without humans.


I write because I don't like speaking.

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