Best Mobile games for Android and ios.

Video Games are evolving day by day whether we talk about Android or PC both have grown exponentially in the field of gaming in last decade. But today we are going to talk about Android games only we will leave PC games for next time.

With the advancement in technology, entertainment is also evolving in parallel and more advance the devices available more advanced games are released so the device can keepup the minimum requirements. Last Decade online games were played just for fun but now time has evolved, Online Games are also played as a sport by professionals. Gaming market is 2.5times bigger then cinema industry now you can understand its importance. We are going to discuss most popular mobile games available on playstore.

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Bettleground also known as PUBG is a battle royale first person shooting game. This game is a masterpiece when it was released by Lightspeed and Quantum it started a revolution among gamers and many of then started streaming it on Youtube and they went viral. PUBG mobile engaes with players by connecting them with their friends online they can voice chat or text in the game and it kept releasing new updates to keep users engaged.

This Game has different maps, different playing modes, you can create your own avatar and purchase crates in the game. Overall this is a work of art. If you haven’t played it you should try.

Disclaimer: This game is very addictive play at your own risk.and also this game is not available in India officially.

Apex Legends Mobile

This is another Battle Royle game launched in 2022. This game comes in the same category as PUBG and Fortnite and PUBG new state. However it has better VFX then others. This game has different modes.It allow users to join with two friends and compete with other teams. And honestly this game is so flashy and futuristic. The characters are well developed. and players seems liking it.

Developed by Electronic Arts till now it has 100Million+ downloads with 4.4 rating.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are a true gamer then you have played this game in your childhood on PC, but now this is available on your phone, after the success of PUBG mobile this game was launched as a test and after PUBG banned in India large no. of user base shifted directly from PUBG to Call of Duty: Mobile , and form that time Call of Duty has edge over any game launching in India.

Concept of Call of Duty is same PUBG , APex Legends and Fortnite , A first person shooting game but experiences are different and also maps and teams are changed.

Till now it has 100Million+ downloads on playstore with rating of 4.3, and currently 7th season is ongoing.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: legends is a car racing game it is latest game in Asphalt series, If you don’t know about Asphalt series then you are out of the game man. Mission of the game is to drive cars all around the world in racing competitions, You can find you favorite sports car here and race with them and customize them according to your needs. Graphics if this game is on next level.

Asphalt 9: Legands is developed by Gameloft SE till now it has 50Million+ downloads on playstore with 4.4 rating. If you love racing then this game is made for you.


This game is in the market since long period of time and this game has one of the biggest universe to explore. You are free to create anything in this universe like building CIties and towns.

This is a 2-D game but still loved by audience all over the world due to its unique concept. This game was developed by Diago Game and it has 50Million+ downloads on play store with 3.6 ratings.

Shadow Fight 4

Shadow fighter 4 is from the series shadow fighter. This is an action combat game based on ninja techniques you can fight with weapons and barehand you just have to win. you can fight with online players. This game has awesome graphics and moves in characters. You got to fight in NINJA realm be ready.

This game was developed by NEKKI till now it has 10Million+ downloads with highest rating of 4.6.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016 , In this game you have to explore the world and find new Pokemons.

This game is more popular because of its anime fanbase they made it popular overnight , This game seems like boring but people seems liking it, so weird . And game updates new features frequently to keep users engaged.

This game was developed by Niantic and till now it has 100Million+ downloads with 4.1 ratings.

Note: You can download these games for free on playstore but to use its feature at fullest you have to purchase it in Game.


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