Best Platforms for Data Analytics Free Course Online

Data Analytics Free Course Online

Are you looking to learn data Analytics Online? Welcome, we have collected the best resources across the Internet for learning data analytics free courses online, and also platforms where you can practice your knowledge so that you can develop a skill in Data Analytics.

Data Analytics is a rapidly growing sector since everything today heavily depends on data for business growth and development, there is a need to organize data and analyze it so that companies and organizations can plan their next step based on data.

Best Data Analytics Free Course


There are many courses online that teach your Data Analytics from basic to advanced, we will discuss them below.

Coursera :

data analytics free course online

Coursera is an online platform that has courses from different universities and big Tech Companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. You can enroll and learn Data Analytics for free here with certificates, please note that you need to pay for certificates.

Duration of course can vary from 3-6-10 months according to your schedule. In this course, you will receive professional-level training from Google, portfolio-ready projects, a recognized certificate from Google, and many more.

The price for certification is only $50.


Edx is a free educational platform that provides you with free Data Analysis courses in different fields like Data Analysis for management, Data Analysis, Data Analysis and Visualization Bootcamp, Data Analysis Bootcamp, Analysis with Excel, Data Analysis with Python, Data Analysis for business from various universities and Tech companies like IBM, Microsoft

Data Analysis Courses Curriculum

  • Full Data Analysis Process from data collection to sharing key findings
  • Types of data structures and file types with source of data.
  • Tools for gathering, mining, and analyzing data.
  • Data Visualization.

Youtube Channels


Simplilearn is a YouTube channel that has uploaded the entire data analytics courses for absolute beginners. The course is 10 Hours long covering various topics inside Data Analytics. If you are thinking about building a career in this field, you should start from here. They have two separate courses one for beginners and one full course in Python released in 2023.

they will also provide you with data sets for practice. Get started on your Data Analysis journey today.

Skills Covered:

  • Data Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis using Excel
  • Data Analysis Python and R
  • Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI
  • Linear and Logistic Regression Module
  • Clustering Using Kmeans
  • Supervises Learning


FreecodeCamp has released 12 hours of Data Analysis courses in Python and in that course, you will learn from coding in Python and analyzing data with Python using tools like Pandas, NumPY, and Matplotib.

The course is created by Maxwell Armi. This is a hands-on course and you will learn and practice everything step by step

Topics Covered :

  • Basics of Programming
  • Installing Anaconda and Python
  • Functions, Modules, and strings in Python
  • Python Data Structure, Lists, Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries
  • Example Project Trend Analysis Data Analysis Tool Build with Python Lib.

You can get the code for the projects and the topics that are used in this tutorial on Github, just check out their video description.


eureka! is another YouTube channel that has launched full data analytics courses for free in 2023, in this course you will learn what is data analytics, why data analytics is necessary, the type of data analytics, and their application.

Topics Covered:

  • Data Analytics
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Data Visualization
  • Plots
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Time
  • Charts in Excel

They have also discussed Interview questions and answers, job descriptions, and the Role of a data analyst.

IBM Data Analyst

IBM has also launched their Data Analyst free complete course for beginners.

In the 15-hour-long video, you will learn the core principles of data analysis and gain experience with data manipulation using Python and Excel, applying analytical techniques, and working with a variety of data sources.

Topics Covered

  • Data Analysis
  • Excel Basics for Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization and Dashboard
  • Python for Data Science
  • Python Projects for Data Science
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project

Enroll on their websites to get the certificate links in the video description, they have also provided all the data materials used in the video.

Krish Naik

Krish Naik is another YouTube channel that is focused on Data Analysis, this Guy has discussed every topic like Data Visualization, SQL for data science, Project implementation, Interview questions, Data Science Projects, and many more.

Krish Nair is the cofounder of iNeuron and has experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning with over 10 years in the industry. You can check out and follow his channel If you are learning Data Analysis for projects and preparation.


Except for YouTube channels and free company websites that are already providing Data Analyst courses for free, they will teach you to step by step with live examples about data analysis. We will discuss some of the websites here.


FreecodeCamp provides you free Data Analysis course in Python with a free certificate on their website. The course is divided into 28 topics and these 28 topics and divided into further subtopics to explain everything in detail, when you click on subtopics you will find a video on that particular topic. You can sign in for free and save your daily progress.

after you finish watching the video, you can download the notes and also solve an MCQ question. You can also ask for help if you have any doubts.


KhanAcademy is another platform where you can learn Data Analysis for free. Here you get topics in units and once you finish a unit you can attempt practice sets.

Khanacademy is a non-profit organization, that provides free education from class 1 to higher education like SAT, Computer programming, computer science, AI finance, and many more.

At KhanAcademy you can learn the basics of Data Analysis like Data Tools, Big Data, Bias in Machine Learning, and simulations. Enroll free to learn…..

Interview Preparation

Since you are learning Data Analysis, Practical knowledge is very important for you, to practice your knowledge and get your hands on the workings of the Data you need resources, we will provide you free where you can practice for free.


Leetcode is a leading online platform where programmers from all over the world come and practice their coding knowledge by solving different problems and providing solutions. You can also use this platform for your profile building in the coding field.

Here you will find resources to practice your data analysis skills and build your profile by solving different problems and participating in different contests. You will get different interview questions from many skilled and experienced people working in the same field. You will get the roadmaps for learning the skill too.


HackerRank is another platform where you can practice your skills in Data Analytics. Here you will get unlimited questions to practice, Interview templates, and 129 role-related questions. You get to test your skills in SQL, R, Python, Statistics, Excel, PowerBI, and Tableau.

They also have partnered with different technology companies that will help you get in touch with Hiring Managers and candidates. But you can only use this feature only if you are a paid customer.

This platform is best for practicing data analytics free and you can also get paid subscription if you are looking for jobs.


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