Best Resources to Do Crypto Research in 2023

Crypto Research

Crypto enthusiast knows what it means to get information on time, So if you are interested in cryptocurrencies whether you are a trader or an investor or you want to keep yourself updated in this field then stay close because in this article we are going to share the resources from where you can get latest and accurate information about almost every cryptocurrency.

Best Resources for crypto research


This is the most trusted platform currently owned by Binance, this website contains almost all the information about every cryptocurrency listed on the major exchanges, also the daily trading volume with charts and the history of any specific coin like their highest, lowest piece, maximum trading volume and a number of people engaging in that crypto and popularity of the currency.

They also have the list of all significant exchanges and their daily trading volume, liquidity, and whether they are centralized or decentralized.

6 Reasons why Bitcoin is a valuable asset here.

From their airdrops, you can participate in upcoming airdrops and crypto that are about to launch, and from their blog section, you can update.

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Visit coinmarketcap


CoinGecko is another crypto website where you can check the latest price of different coins and their current statistics. This website provides information about Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges, NFTs, and the latest project in the crypto industry.

coin gecko provides a research section where you can deep-dive into a project and learn more about that.

You can use this website as a coinmarketcap alternative both of them are almost the same but sometimes coinmarketcap doesn’t have a listing of some particular coin you can find them on Coingecko.

You can create a free account and create a personal portfolio for absolutely free. This will allow you to easily manage your crypto from a single website.

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Visit CoinGecko


Cointelegraph is another crypto website that provides information about crypto like the current market price of different coins and its comparison in different currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.

It covers all the news related to the crypto industry like the launch of new projects, scams, best-performing coins, and failed projects. They have a research tab that allows you to deep dive in different projects. They provide free and premium database research for different reports and projects.

Overall it is a great website to get information about crypto.

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Visit Cointelegraph

Smart options

This website is for crypto traders, you can find information related to crypto trading like crypto signals, automated trading systems, market analysis, and the latest crypto news to make fast decisions.

You can connect with different trading groups on different platforms by links shared on this website, like discord traders telegram traders, and also analysis of best trading bots to maximize your profit.

What are crypto trading bots? Are they safe know here.

You can get trading signals from different trading platforms like Binance, Baybit, and Bitmax. Apart from that you can get all information about the latest defi projects and invest in crypto.

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Visit Smartoptions


Thecryptobasics is another crypto news website that provided the latest information about the crypto field, if you are a complete beginner to the crypto industry this website might be very helpful for you because it explains everything in detail from basics.

It also provides information about the latest and best crypto trading bots available in the market. They have a beginner guide section where they teach you about the basics of the crypto market and every technical knowledge you need to know in order to master this industry.

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Visit thecryptobasics

E-crypto news

E-crypto news is another website related to the crypto industry, this website will provide you with the detailed and latest info about Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Defi, tech, AI, and Metaverse.

You can also track the current price of major cryptocurrencies on this website. This website has a scam alert section where you can stay updated about new projects and their legitimacy, this is a great way to avoid getting scammed.

And a Q&A section where basic and most popular questions are taken and answered in detail.

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Visit E-crypto News


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