bhagwat geeta in hindi pdf | Read and Download

bhagwat geeta in hindi pdf

bhagwat geeta in hindi pdf

Bhagwat Geeta is an ancient sculpture written by God Ganesha and translated by Saint Ved Vyas. Bhagwat Geeta contains all the secret teaching of Lord Krishna and his definition of Dharma.

How Lord Krishna inspired Arjuna and everyone else to fight for the Dharma. The book also teaches the way of life, how the soul is connected with nature, and how people can escape from the futile life and death cycle to attain enlightenment.

This book contains 18 chapters and will teach you everything you need to know about life and perform your duty in this universe.

You can download this book directly by clicking on the download button, this book is available in Hindi, and all the poems are written Sanskrit and then translated into Hindi.

This book contains the secret of science and God from past to future, this book is for everyone from a kid to an old person, doesn’t matter which field are you working in you will find this book full of knowledge and would be able to find the light in the darkness.


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