Black Clover Movie Download | Black Clover anime

black clover movie download

Black Clover Movie Download | Black Clover anime

Black Clover is a masterpiece is the Japanese manga series it is one of the highest-rated anime and is loved by fans worldwide.

Black Clover follows the story of a boy who is born without magic where magic is everything. He works harder than anyone in the kingdom to pursue his dream of becoming knight King one day. He wants to prove that whether you are poor, orphan or born without magic you can still become Knight king if you work hard enough.

The black clover show was started in 2017 and till now four seasons have been released it stopped at episode 170 but the storyline is not complete yet so, we can hope that the next season will be released in the future.

although Black Clover Manga has announced on Twitter that black clover resumes from July 31.

Black Clover Movie Download link

Black Clover Movie was released in July on Netflic and you can download and watch out for free if you like

I’m giving you the download link, you can download them directly with it.

Will there be Next season for Black clover?

Black Clover season 5 is in production and is expected to be released in late 2023 or early 2024, honestly I can’t wait to see Astha in action after he combines with devil completely as shown in the last of season 4.

and according to manga astha is going to confess his love for the final time, But this time it’s not the same Astha who will be chasing like a dog.


Since the the series is continued in manga there are more things to reveal but I don’t want to spoil the whole fun.

Black Clover movie

Black clover has also announced it’s movie and it is going to be released in 2023.

According to the teaser movie is still in the production phase, more information will be revealed soon.Based on the teaser reveals that movie is going to be set on the final arc where spade kingdom attacks Heart kingdom and clover kingdom and have abducted two captains.

Captain Yami and Captain Vangence and they will be used to open the final gate to Devil’s universe and in the process they will die, as told by the voice captain of Black Bulls who himself is possessed by Devil and working as a spy in Spade kingdom to gather information on Devils.

He takes the responsibility to make Astha stronger within a weak and in the process, he have to make contracts with devil. He fights with the devil who possesses his body and made equal contract the anime season 4 ends here and movie will continue from here. We will be able to see Astha in complete Devil form in the movie so, don’t miss the chance.

Is black clover canceled?

Those ideots who were spreading rumors that Black Clover is never going to return you can beat their ass now. Though it’s dates have not been announced yet but in Manga it’s back on the track since July 12,2022. and don’t believe in the false rumors that it’s never going to come back and don’t click on misleading youtube thumbnails who are showing negative things.

Black Clover on Netflix

Netflix recently list Black Clover in their menu ofcourse, they don’t wanna miss the one of the most popular anime of all times. But I’ll advise you to watch the original Black Clover because in order to make it more fascinating and time adjustment sometimes they cuts few scenes which you definitely don’t wanna miss.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover:

Every character in Black Clover is strong in their own way but we are going to talk about the characters who can adopt themself in any condition.

  • Lady mareoleona Vermillion : We have seen her fighting like a wild beast not doubt she is on the strongest
  • Astha : He is possessed by devil and works harder then anyone in the kingdom. His brute strength is incredible.
  • Captain Yami : He fought with the leader of eye of midnight sun and we saw what happened.
  • Nozell Silva : Being a royle he possess lot of mana and have ability to attack and defend at the same time as we have seen him while fighting with devil.
  • Witch Queen : We have seen her powers when she removes curse form Astha’s hand with no effort, no wonder she is the queen of witches.
  • Wizard King: He is the wizard king what do you expect and he have unusual Grimwore.

We have covered most of the powerful characters but if anyone is left you can tell me in the comment section.

Don’t be useless like the king of clover kingdom share it with your friends. Be like wizard king.


I write because I don't like speaking.

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