Can you really make money with chatGPT in 2023? | a Big Lie

make money with chatgpt

Since OpenAI released its new tool ChatGpt creators on youtube are really going crazy over this, they are showing you different ways to make a lot of money with chatGPT without doing anything, leave everything to the machine, and sleep, and money will come itself.

Is that really that simple, today we will break down everything in detail about how you are being fooled by them easily.

Can you make money with ChatGPT?

The simple answer is NO. CHatGPT is not a platform that allows you to make money by using it or by any means. ChatGPT is an advanced tool that solves your problems but the problem is you have to do everything yourself, it can only show you steps.

It’s an open-source software by OpenAI, and neither it takes money nor it gives you any money.

Why you can’t make money with chatGPT

The answer is straightforward you are not famous as they are, most YouTubers are saying that you don’t need any skill to make money with the help of chatGPT that totally bullshit, now here is the reason it won’t work for you.

Influencers are usually giving you this example that uses ChatGpt to write a script for a video and upload it on another AI platform that converts text to video formats with audio and creates a video and the final step is that upload that video on youtube and now you can monetize your video.

The only way you can make money using ChatGPT is by talking about and uploading videos on how to make money with chatGPT on youtube.

These are the catchy thumbnails you would find on every social media.

But don’t get fooled by these clowns.

Now you are thinking about where the problem lies in this step, let me explain the first problem is that only ChatGPT is free not other platforms that you are going to use to make your videos and audio, they require a monthly subscription. and there is a very low chance that your video is going to make money.

Here is the bill from a random ai video creator site.

The second method they are talking about starting a blog, now this is very funny you can’t seriously do this because content on the ChatGPT is limited and if you ask the same question twice it’s the answer would be the same means a lot of people have the same blog post for the same topic it will make difficult to rank in google page and there is a high chance that google might recognize your post and block the content because we all know that your blog can’t grow with copy and paste.

The third method people are widely talking about is creating some tools like WordPress plugins and other web tools to make money, now this is simple but the problem with this step is that you at least need basic knowledge in that field, you can’t compare creating a WordPress plugin with creating a youtube video, that sounds dumb. ChatGPT can give you a general overview but if you are not familiar with this field you won’t be able to process it.

Are people really making money with ChatGPT

Yes, people are making money using chatGPT but it’s not that simple, I just explained how you can make videos using different AI tools and upload that on youtube but you can not going to make money that difference is that their youtube channel is already grown enough that they gain couple hundred thousands of views on every video, that’s not same for your channel which you just started.

Youtube channels require time and SEO to grow on youtube CHatGPT can’t provide you, and they already have money to spend it on these resources.


It’s not like ChatGPT is the first amazing AI tool that can do such things, there are already many AI tools that are doing the same thing ChatGPT has some better features just nothing more, there is nothing to make more fuss about that.

Now if you ever tried to write content on platforms like youtube and WordPress, you know how hard is it to gain an audience on these platforms, it takes time and hard work to reach that height and then you can do it too like they are doing, but for now, develop your skills and focus on hard work, not some cheap tricks if you wish to fly high, and also you can take ideas from ChatGPT to work.


I write because I don't like speaking.

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