• Hackers Wiped Out around $200 millions from crypto startup in attacks

    Hackers are in move to wipe out crypto from blockchain bridges. Blockchain Bridges allow users to transfer tokens from one network to another. They have become the prime target for hackers. Billions of dollars of value have been wiped out off the cryptocurrency market in recent months. Crypto industry is in pain lending and trading platforms are facing liquidity crisis…

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  • What is Metaverse ? Explained in simple words

    You must have heard this word floating all over the internet since Facebook CEO mark Zukerberk announced its own Metaverse . the word “Metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson from the sci-fi novel Snow crash. Stephenson explained metaverse as a digital world which exist parallel to real world. For better understanding “Metaverse is a 3D version of the Internet“. If…

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  • How to buy Bitcoins: 5 ways to add Bitcoin to your wallet

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with the rapid rise in popularity because to high ROI (return on investment).it has been a roller coaster ride in its price since it is launched . It has made some people seriously rich ,so if you don’t want to lag behind I’ll show you how to buy bitcoins on the Internet. If you are thinking…

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  • What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

    In simple words, Bitcoin is just like your money in your digital wallet but there is a huge difference between Bitcoin and your digital wallet because Bitcoin has its own peer-to-peer network on which it can be transferred from one wallet to another . Cryptocurrencies are not regulated by any government they are run by a centralized network of computers…

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