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  • How Technology Making Us Dumb Day by Day

    Technology Since the start of the era technology has been making rapid progress and helping everyone make their life easy and fast. Technology is very convenient and readily available to everyone at a cheap price, it can be in any form like a mobile device, computer, or TV. Using mobile and computers we can communicate with anyone in the world…

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  • Best Online Platforms to Sell Your Website

    If you are a blogger or a websites owner like Amazon Affiliate or shopify store owner ans you are deciding to exit that business then you might need a platform (a broker) to sell that business to another person. Here are the list of some online brokers that will help you to sell your website. Best Online Platforms to Sell…

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  • Secret Marketing Tools that Everyone Uses

    Since the Internet came into existence it make everyone connect with the world audience very easily at a cheap price, now brands can reach in every corner of the world without spending much and also if you wish to build your brand it doesn’t take much time on the Internet. Today we are going to discuss so,e of the tools…

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  • Why Social Media Companies are Sick of Short Videos? Problems with Short Videos in 2023

    Do you watch Instagram Reels or Youtube shorts or is there TikTok on your Phone? Almost everyone with a smartphone and Internet access has one of these on their phones, especially the younger generation who are rigged in this mess. Short video content has affected not only content creators but also the audience a lot, How did it start? Photo…

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  • furry AI Art Generator for Free in 2023

    Best furry AI Art Generator for Free in 2023 Ai is showing its creativity since the start of the decade whether it’s ChatGPT or Midjurney. Since Midjurney jumped into the market of creating AI art many other platforms are using their algorithm to do the same thing and since Midjurney is a paid platform not everyone can afford that for…

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  • 5 AI Tools better then ChatGPT

    Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT internet has gone wild over the AI tools, some of them were groundbreaking like Midjourney and some were Billion Dollars of failure like Google Bard. Ai tools have made roadmaps for developers and people working in their other relative fields like art and design and content creation, there are a number of AI tools for these…

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  • How Social Media Companies Make Money

    How Social Media Companies Make Money Everyone use social media in 2023, and we are using multiple social media platforms to reach more and connect to more and more people. Different people use it in different ways celebrities use it to influence and companies use it for marketing and individuals use it for fun. Major social media companies like facebook,…

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  • Impact of Technology on Humans Positive and Negative |

    Technology has a broad effect on humans from overall to individual, it has changed various things from the root of every human, how we communicate, how we work, and how we plan for the next upcoming future, technology has almost changed everything. Technology has both positive and negative effects on humans today we are going to talk about that in…

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  • Why India doesn’t have double decker trains?

    Why India doesn’t have double decker trains? India has one of the biggest rail networks in the world, It is also the biggest job-providing sector in the world about 16 million Jobs. Despite the advancement in technology Indian railway is still far behind but in recent years, it is growing rapidly there are a few things we need to talk…

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  • How to Make GIFs online and sell them on the Internet

    GIFs are moving pictures that can be shared in chats and on the internet. The trend of GIFs has been increasing day by day. Many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many more chatting apps are using GIfs to make their chats more fun. Today we will talk about websites to create gifs for free and Sell them to make…

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