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  • Best Blogging Platform in 2022

    If you are a content writer and tired of writing content for others on different platforms and want to start your own blog or you just want to start blogging from the beginning, but you are unable to find out which platform is best for you. Choosing a blogging platform can be tough because there are many platforms in the…

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  • Dynamic Island iPhone’s New Feature now Available in Android

    Dynaimc Island now available in Android just in few clicks. When any smartphone comes with new features then other companies try to copy it as soon as possible, same thing happened with iPhone’s new feature dynamic island which is in series 14. Since the launch of Apple new iPhone there are only two things that people are talking about Dynamic…

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  • Best WordPress Page Builders in 2023

    If you are looking to customize your blog according to your needs then you must have a look over the WordPress page builders. WordPress Page are tool that allows you to customize your website with easy drag and drop without any coding experience. Here we are going to discuss the best page builders available in WordPress in 2022. Drag and…

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  • Indian Government Banned Youtube Videos Spreading Antinational Propogends

    Videos were used to spread propaganda related to Indian armed forces, India’s national security apparatus and the Kashmir agenda. certain videos were also from outside India: Statement issued by centre. Spreadign misinformation on social media is easy nowadays because anyone can post anything and people usually believe that and start arguing about that incidents, that’s a tragedy for any government…

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  • AI Won the Artwork Competition; Leaving Talented Artists disappointed!

    You might have heard that AI is going to take over many industries, well that effect has now started. This Year in Colorado state, an annual art fair is held every year. But this year an AI-generated picture has won an Art Prize. Making the real artists very disappointed. Jason Allen is an American game designer. Who was constantly trying…

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  • What’s New in the iPhone 14 | Checkout Everything

    Apple has launched its iPhone 14 series But should you buy it, Let’s have a look over the upgrades in the so-called New iPhone 14. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 look kind of similar to the iPhone 13 launched last year. But things have been changed inside like, The iPhone 14 line include new sensor like: Crash Detection: This feature…

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  • Laptop Buying Guide: Here are the things you should take care of before you buy

    Laptop Buying Guide If you are considering buying a new laptop for daily or office use and you are finding it difficult to choose one then we are here to help you. Before you start looking for laptops on online marketplaces you should have a look over your needs, that is what you should consider first and based on that…

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  • What is eSIM ? How to get one for yourself?

    An eSIM is a digital sim that allows users to use cellular plans without having any physical nano-SIM. In simple words, eSIMs are already inbuilt inside your phone you just have to activate them. But till now only in latest iPhone has launched with inbuild features you can activate it by following steps: Settings>CellularTap on covert to eSIM if you…

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  • What is a Programming language? Best Programming language for you in 2023. Explained in simple terms

    If you are a tech guy then you must have heard about this term often and you might have idea about programming languages but if you are a beginner and wanted to create your future in coding then this post might help you. Programming languages are languages that help us to communicate with computers and machines. As we all know…

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  • Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

    Best WordPress Theme In this decade almost everyone has their own website for their business or personal blog and it’s not easy to manage everything by yourself some people hire others to manage their site and some have technical knowledge. To create a website you need a few basic things like Domain name and hosting after that to design your…

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