instagram scams

Common Instagram Scams

Instagram is a very popular social media platform and it has grown quite big there are more than billions of active users on the platform.

Millions of content creators are making a lot of money from their huge audience on Instagram and also it is a big source of entertainment for people.

Since Instagram has a huge audience it makes Instagram an ideal platform to do business efficiently because Instagram has the data of every user on its platform.

Using their huge data they can easily reach their targeted audience this is the reason why businesses like to advertise their products and services on Instagram.

Now if there are good things about the platform there must be some negative sides if it also, today we are going to talk about them in detail.

Because Instagram has a huge audience it also makes an ideal place for scammers to scam people easily because not everyone has knowledge about the right things and people.

Today we are uncovering the common scams on Instagram that people fall victim to.

Crypto Investment

Since 2017 there is a boom in the crypto market and everyone wants to get their hands on it without proper knowledge because of this they are falling for common scams like Investment and account handling.

In this scam, people will contact you and tell you that they have a trading career in this field and if you join their paid group you can make a lot f money too.

The second method they use is they show you some profits and convenience you that if you invest this much money you will get that much. this is the most common method that people fall victim to.

Just think for a sec if they can make money for you why they don’t make or themselves?

And the next one is a crypto pump and dump group, in this scam people will contact you to join a certain telegram or discord channel and tell you to buy certain coins to make money.

Selling Paid courses

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This is very common these days, people are trying to teach you how to make money so badly that they are releasing new courses every day.

In this scam, people will show you their dropshipping profits sorry photoshopped profits, and try to convince you that you can do it too. you just have to join their masterclass.

Just think for a sec if they are making millions of dollars why they are trying so hard to sell you a $50-100 course? Does that make any sense to you?

Stock/forex trading

This is another scam related to investment and trading theme pages related to finance will try to convince you that if you join their paid group you can make a lot of money and also share some edited screenshots or will take screenshots from another account.

Many people on Instagram offer services like account handling, which means you will give them your account with money and they will trade and take some amount from the profit.

This is totally stupid and also illegal in India. Never share your personal account details with anyone online.

Instagram is a platform where everyone tries to be a celebrity and in order to look celebrity on Instagram you need to have a decent amount of followers, so what people do is buy Instagram followers.

Buying Instagram followers is the quickest way to gain followers here but the real scam here is, you are not gonna get any real followers they are just bots and will fade away in a few days.

So, next time someone is texting you to buy Instagram followers cheaply, he is definitely selling you bots.

Network Marketing Scam

Network marketing is a very common scam in Indian and people are continuously falling victim to this scam.

Please note that Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing are totally different things.

In network marketing scams people will contact you and offer you to start an online business and in the starter pack you have to join a club and pay some joining fee.

And from there, you have to join another member in order to make money, if you look at this business closely everything is rigged and only people on the top are making the money.

Still, people join their network marketing program because of their clever marketing strategy. There are many people on Youtube who have already explained how this is a big scam.


Instagram is a platform where people are more attracted to results rather than focusing on hard work.

You should check the facts about the service that you are spending your money on, and today if someone is saying that you can make money without doing any hard work then is obviously lying.