Elon Musk reviled Humanoid Robot at Tesla AI day

Elon Musk revealed a prototype of a humanoid robot on Friday.

Tech Billionear Elon Musk launched their first humanoid robot “Optimus” on Friday on “AI Day”. there goal is to produce these robots on large scale and sell them. under $20,000.

This roboat is not fully completed yet. But it can now perform simple task like watering plants, carrying boxes and lifting metal bars. They said that it is not artificial intelligence since to cannot take decision on his own. There are lot of improvement to be done but if they wanted to mass produce it.

This is not the first time that someone is going to use robots for industries, companies like Toyota and honda are already using humanoid robots for mass production of their vehicles.

Since the launch of the roboat people on the internet has been divided into two groups. Those who support elon musk and those who are aware of the consequences of the Artificial Intelligence.

It’s really irony that, Elon Musk was the person who warned the world about the threads about the artificial Intelligence and after few years he is doing the same thing.

It’s not only about technology, when these robots will be fully functional imagine how many people are going to lose their jobs to roboats. Noobdy can win a game from both side.

When people showed their concern about turning against humans, Tesla said that they have added a safeguard button to stop them, but I have my doubts. We can never win a game against Artificial Intelligence.

“We always want to be careful we don’t go down the terminator path”. Even if they mean it what they have said, we still can’t win.


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