GTA VI leaked online | Rockstar postponed release date

GTA 6 is one of the most awaited games of the GTA franchise, till now every game in GTA series is a massive success specially GTA 5, this is because of the Rockstar fanbase all over the world. Fans were waiting for GTA VI release date but unfortunately they got something else. Some hackers were able to breach in Rockstar Games and stole information about maps, characters and some videos of gameplay. Leaked videos are floating all over the internet specially on Twitter, Reddit and youtube.

Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that they have been hacked and hackers leaked about 90 videos of gameplay on Twitter. You can watch leaks here.

Rockstar Games added that the footage is still unfinished and still in work.

Hacker also claim to be the person responsible for the recent Uber hack and says he got access by gaining access to a Rockstar Employee’s Slack account.

Clips from the leaks depict the male and female protagonist characters. They also shows that the gameplay is taking place in Miami.

The Game is in development since 2014, GTA 5 was launched in 2013 and it was a massive success for Rockstar, it would be reasonable to expect development snapshots to be from various builds over the year.

GTA VI was expected to be released in year 2024 or 2025 since the hack there is no official statement from the Rockstar Games for the postponement of the release date of the original game GTA VI.


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