How Israel is So Powerful That No One Dares To Touch It

It has been more than a week since the Gaza and Israel war broke out and since then many soldiers and civilians have been killed but today we will not talk about that, we are here to talk about how a small estate surrounded by Islamic states became so powerful that not a single country dares to touch it even they can’t do something in groups.


Israel is a small country in the Middle East surrounded by arab countries, the geographical location of Israel is very crucial, Israel was formed on 14 May 1948. Soon after Israel was formed all the arab nations tried to invade Israel together and failed miserably.

Till today they are trying to erase Israel from the Middle East Because Israel is a Jewish nation and Arabs don’t want that, all the Muslim nations like Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon want to remove Israel and make Palestine a Muslim nation ruled by the Muslims only. The Islamic countries can’t stand watching a Jewish nation living beside them.


After the world was over, Jews were the first people who took education seriously, they knew that they didn’t have natural resources like other Middle Eastern countries so they had to create something and sell it to make their country economically powerful.

Israel started investing heavily in quality education to make their people powerful who can serve their country, today that power is the return on that education, no one dares to mock Israel even the powerful arab countries.

No Natural Resources

Israel has a tiny land area with no natural resources so when the state of Israel was formed it decided to become powerful they needed to export things to make their country and economy stronger. Since then they heavily invest in education and innovation.

They also made military training compulsory for every individual, and anyone could be called anything for military operation regardless of whether they were in the country or outside.

Research and Innovation

Israel is the Japan of the Middle East, they are years ahead in research and innovation in most of the countries. They spend heavily on education, research, and innovation. Every major company has its research and development faculty set up here from different sectors like Google for software, Intel for hardware, and PayPal for finance.

Not only in Internet Technology but also in Agro technology, they have smart systems for growing more and more fruits and vegetables in minimum space, vertical farming is the most efficient system today that produces fruits and vegetables for their people. Israel manufactures and exports many agricultural equipment


Despite being surrounded by Islamic states who continuously threaten Israel to attack and kill, Israel has the most stable economy in the entire Middle East. Now for those thinking about how its economy is so powerful what they are selling? Let me tell you this, they are selling the most powerful equipment that the 21st century needs the most.

Israel is world-leading in the HLS technology. There are over 300 companies offering automated systems in border control, video surveillance, and information gathering all possible technologies needed to counter real-world threads.

Israel has been a hub for global multinational companies’ research department which maintains offices and faculties in Israel. among them are Google, Apple, Motorola, Cisco, HP, PayPal, Apple and many more.

Israel’s global software export business crossed the $165 Billion mark in the year 2022. Read more about the economy of Israel here.

Powerful Jewish Individuals

Israel’s main power lies in its powerful individual people who are residing in foreign lands and are doing great things in their fields if we talk about only the United States, here is the list of powerful people who are in highly influential positions like CEOs, Politicians, businessmen, and many more.

Among the top 10 richest people there are more than 5 individuals.

Mark Zuckerberg: You might have heard this name because, all of us use his platforms Meta(Facebook), Instagram, and WhatsApp in our daily lives, which are owned by him and his ethnicity is Jewish.

Sergey Brian and Larry Page: You are using his platform to read this article that’s right, he is the founder of Google along with Larry Page. we all know how big Google is. All these powerful platforms that affect the people and government are owned by Jewish people directly. They are worth more than $120+ Billion

Michael Bloomberg: Another Jewish in the top 10 richest and most influential people in the list is Michael Bloomberg. Michael Bloomberg is also the mayor of New York.

There are other individuals from the President’s office to the military leaders governed by powerful Jews like Steve Ballmer, Brad Turell, Rabbis Nosson Scherman, and Meir Zlotowitz, Ari Fleischer, Steve Spielberg, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mortimer Zuckerman and many more, to read in detail about powerful influential peoples in America read here.

Jewish people are spread worldwide and support their country in every possible way. From resources to powerful contacts with politicians, money, and resources. That is the reason why Islamic countries around them don’t stand a chance and no one dares to attack them despite being supported by their allied Islamic countries.

Israel is rich in technology, science, and medicine than all the Islamic countries combined, they spend a heavy amount on education and research.

Conclusion :

If Islamic countries were too concerned about the Muslim conditions why didn’t they say anything when Saudi Arabia bombed the Labenon and made millions of children orphans and homeless and, why is Pakistan pushing their Afgan refugees out of the nation and destroying their homes? Nobody is even talking about it when 1.4-1.6 Million refugees are forced to leave the country whether it’s Pakistan to Afganistan.

You won’t see any Muslim country condemning this action why? because when A Muslim tortures other Muslims there is no problem but when they engage with other communities there are protests, riots, and many more things. This is what we call a hypocrite.

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