How Technology Making Us Dumb Day by Day



Since the start of the era technology has been making rapid progress and helping everyone make their life easy and fast. Technology is very convenient and readily available to everyone at a cheap price, it can be in any form like a mobile device, computer, or TV.

Using mobile and computers we can communicate with anyone in the world with Internet connectivity instantly and also perform a wide variety of tasks like video conferencing, Playing Games, etc. These are the positive impacts of technology on our lives.

This coin has another side too, technology is making us lazier and dumber than anything, I’ll explain this problem to you with different real-life examples.

Reduced Memorization skill

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Since we have Internet access now people think that there is no need to memorize even the basic things and they rely on the Internet for every single query the problem with this strategy is that we are now fully dependent on technology for every small thing and once the technology is removed from our life we would be super dumb.

I’m not saying that you should leave the Internet and memorize everything to train your mind for better memory, but at least you need to memorize basic things so that you won’t be fully dependent on Technology.

Reduced attention time

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Short-form content on social media is the main cause of this problem, our brain gets tired from long-form content very soon and is used to short-form content, which is why you feel bored while watching long videos on youtube but can scroll reels and short the whole day.

This is a huge problem, especially for children that should be kept ways from this form of content otherwise they will face problems while concentrating in schools and other places.

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No Physical Activity

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Since we were introduced to mobile games how many of you go and play outside actual games? I can bet none of you, we all have become like zombies locked with our phones and computers inside a room, this is also called self-isolation.

No one meets real friends nowadays we all meet and talk online without moving our muscles, and this has worsened our physical health. No wonder why there are a lot of mental patients in today’s generation, you might not believe but this is all due to misuse of technology somewhere.

Reliance on Online Tools and Information

When was the last time when you did your homework and online tests honestly all by yourself? I bet only a few of us can say yes. Why? because we use technology to make things easier and can do this thing with Internet easily.

Even college students are using online tools like ChatGPT to complete their assignments. This might be fun for the moment but just think about it why are we given homework?

What is the main purpose of education? Well, the simple answer is training our minds. and what are we doing is just copying and pasting things from one place to another.

Lack Critical Thinking

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As we discussed above the main goal of education is to train your mind but if we are not training our mind properly to do things, you won’t be able to perform critical and logical things in your life.

Today when we need an answer we do not try to solve it ourselves rather we ran to Google and try to find the answer, this habit discourages critical thinking because you are not trying to solve the problem yourself rather you are just copying again.

In this way, your mind would lose the ability of critical think. The lack of critical thinking will hinder your other problem-solving capabilities and diminish creativity.

Diminished Social Skills

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One of the disadvantages of social media is that it has reduced our habit of Social Interaction and we face difficulty while interacting with others face to face. Either we get uncomfortable or get shy most of the time. I go through the same problem.

You can spend your whole day in a locked room and won’t even realize when a day passed. This might seem fun for a short time but in the long run, this is a huge problem.


Everything has a positive and negative impact on us depending upon how we are going to implement that thing in our real life. Technology has impacted our life in a great way and we should not take it for granted. Everything is good when used in moderation.

So it’s our responsibility to teach our younger generation how they should use technology in moderation and live their life stress-free.


I write because I don't like speaking.

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