How to Get Free Instagram Likes in 2023

Get free Instagram Likes

free instagram likes

Free Instagram Likes

Instagram is the biggest social media tool in 2022 and almost everyone has an account on Instagram. You can share photos, videos, and even short videos known as reels these days and for influencers, Instagram is a great way to make money through promotions so they constantly struggle to engage the public on their accounts.

So today I’m gonna explain how you can get free likes in Instagram for absolutely free.


This is an online tool to get free likes. although it’s a paid tool you can also use the trial version if you like. You have to do nothing but enter your username and it will automatically fetch your latest posts and then you can choose one of them.

Please note that these likes are bots and might disappear in 6-7 months, but you can use them till now.

Using the trial version you can get 50 like in any post you want.

2. followeran

This is another website where you can get Instagram likes absolutely for free. You don’t need to enter any passwords or any other account information except your Instagram user name. You just have to select the post on which you want free likes and select the number of likes you want.

You can get 100 free Instagram likes without any charges in a short period of time. There are no charges for free 100 likes. To get free 200 likes you can register a free order at 11:00 PM. 01:00 in the morning, you can also register for free. You can use this service every after 24 hours.

This website also provides cheap likes, comments,


This is another website in the list which provides Instagram likes and comment services for free and paid both versions. You can get 50 free likes just with your username on your most recent post without any servay or capacha.

You can use their free trial and you don’t even need to fill in your credit card information, no survey or download any apps.

Just enter your username and get 50 free likes instantly.

4. Instafollowers

This is another website to get free Instagram likes absolutely for free. To get free likes you just have to follow simple steps:

On the top of the pages, you’ll see a page saying “Photo link”. You have to copy and paste URL of your photo in that box. and next click on the get free Instagram Likes button.

You will receive 50 free likes in short period of time, since 50 is the limit in the trial version you won’t be getting further more likes for free, if you want more you have to buy it.

5. buzzoid

Buzzoid is a website that provides free Instagram likes and followers, and also you can get free Instagram followers with their trial version.

They claim that your post will be liked by real, engaged users. By gaining more likes your account will gain more visibility and also Instagram will show your post to the large audience then more and more people will engage and like your post.

Now lets talk about few points we should take care of before using these free likes.

Are these likes real?

Well, they claim that these likes are real but in reality, these are nothing just bots that are used to like tour post and after 6-7 months these likes and comments will disappear.

Should I use free Instagram likes?

Well, it depends on you, if you are a social media influencer and you Instagram engagement is down this month and you need that, you can use this service or if you are a new account then you should use this service to get more account impressions and more account reach.

There is also no guarantee that your account will be safe, it might get banned so use this service carefully.


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