How to Make Money From Google?

What is Google?

Google is the biggest search engine in this generation, billions of people use Google every day to search different topics on the internet. Individuals, companies, organizations, and research institutes depend on Google for different types of data research.

Google is a search engine that has a large amount of data and uses it for target advertising. and if you are thinking about making direct money with Google sorry to disappoint you but Google doesn’t pay anyone for browsing the internet.

So how can you make money with Google then?

Google doesn’t pay itself but has many products that will pay for using them like Youtube Blogger and Admob, I’ll explain each of them in detail.

Google Products


Everyone knows about youtube, Youtube is a video streaming and sharing platform where you can create an account for free and start sharing your video content.

In the last few years Youtube has taken over the Internet, anyone can simply record a video from his/her phone and upload it on the Internet to Billions of audiences.

Youtube has made millions of people rich, you can also be one of them. The primary source of youtube is advertisement and Premium services like youtube Premium that allow you to watch ad-free content on youtube.

Here is the complete guide to making money on youtube.


Blogger is another platform from Google, Blogger allows you to create a free blog with a free blogger domain name, and you can post articles and other stuff that you can share on the Internet with people.

Once you start posting regularly your blog posts will start getting views and then you can buy a custom domain to monetize your blog with Adsense to make money.

Please note that you won’t be able to monetize with other services except Adsense on Blogger like Ezoic or any other so keep this in mind before getting started with Blogger.

Start a website

The next way to make money with Google is to create a website and monetize it with Adsense, Once your site is monetized you can start making money with your website and you will be paid through Google Adsense.

When someone clicks on your ad on your site you will be paid, so if you are interested in writing articles and blog posts then you should definitely try this.


Admob is another platform that allows you to monetize your apps. So, if you are a developer then this is the platform you should be using to monetize your apps.

You can just create a simple drag-and-drop application from a different platform and upload it to the play store and when your app gets published it starts making money.

There are millions of apps on the play store generating revenue in Billions, So if you are interested in the app development industry, you should have a look at this once.


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