How to shop online with Bitcoin | Amazon shopping with Bitcoin in 2023

shop online with Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency market is growing day by day at a rapid pace and most sectors are adopting it according to their convenience. More and more new startups are trying to make crypto easier to use like shopping with crypto. Most financial advisors suggest that Bitcoin might take over the future in place of current currency notes.

How bitcoin is changing the world read in detail here.

Today we are going to learn how to shop online with Bitcoin.

Shop online with Bitcoin

To shop online with Bitcoin you need a few things like Bitcoin ofcourse, an Amazon account.

Step 1:

Goto and choose your product whatever you wish to buy. and copy its URL.

Step 2:

Now goto this website Sign up for free.

Step 3:

you will see a search bar, that says to paste your amazon URL of the product.

Paste the URL and choose your country also there are not many countries in the list only US, UK, Canada, and Japan are in the list currently.

Now you will be able to see the product on the website.

For example, I copy the URL of an HDD.

Now you have to add the bitcoin to your Purse wallet and pay the amount in BTC equal to that amount in USD.

Congratulations now you have placed successful order on Amazon and paid with Bitcoin, your package will arrive normally as the Amazon courier.


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