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The craze of anime is worldwide and if you are an anime fan you must be wondering how can we watch anime in Eng dub because not all animes are available at one place nor all are available in English so here we are to show you places where you can watch anime in eng dub.

Netflix: Netflix covers all the major anime like Deamon Slayer, Naruto Shippuden , One Piece , Hunter x Hunter , and many more you can check on Netflix official site, but there is a problem anime is not available on Netflix in many countries. So how do they watch interesting question.

Before we get to the point here is the list of few anime you can watch on youtube ofcourse for free.

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • The Time I got Reincarnated as a slime
  • Sherlock Hound
  • The Promise Neverland
  • Beyblade
  • Tokyo Revengers

watch anime in English Dub

Please note that URLs and names of the websites keep changing due to copyright issues so please stay updated about the websites you are watching anime from.

if you can’t find an anime on the websites just head to telegram you will find there everything.

Now here is the list of sites where you can watch anime in eng Dub.


aniwatch is the best site to watch anime online because not only you can control quality but also provide different servers for best user experience. not only you can watch online but also can download in highest quality.

The best thing of this site is it doesn’t allow pop up ads unlike other sites it allow only one ad at the start of the video. Their server cost is covered by ads so you don’t have to be worried about data theft.


Animedao.pro is another anime streaming site where you can find the latest anime released till now and also they are in eng dub. It’s interface is very simple you won’t find any ads on front page ads will be displayed at the page where video is played and if you torn on full screen mode ad will be gone so it’s better to watch it in full screen.

animeflix.org.in or animeflix.city

animeflix is another site where you can download and watch anime and anime movies not sure you can find all at this place but you can find maximum. This site uses high ads so you better be more careful while browsing and I’m also not sure that this site collects your data. visit at your own risk.


9Anime is another anime streaming site , here you can watch and download your favorite anime.

Website is full with ads so you have to be extra careful.they have different sites with different domains for backup so you can easily find them on google.


The next site in our list is gogoanime, this is another anime streaming site you can easily watch your favorite anime here. You can also find latest anime that are just released.

Site doesn’t contain ads on home page but once you open video ads will be shown in starting after that you can enjoy show. It also have different servers to navigate if you are having difficulty in one you can simply change your server according to your ease.


Kissanime is the next anime streaming site where you can watch and download your favorite anime, This site also provides a bookmark feature.

This site is loaded with banner ads so you won’t be having any problems, site is easy to browse and you can search any anime on the site easily.

And our last weapon is Telegram

You can find most of the Anime on telegram channels I am going to show you some of the channels where you can download any anime that is released.

Read manga for free here.

Disclaimer: This information is for education purposes only we do not promote piracy nor do we personally use these sources.