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How to write SEO friendly Articles
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We all talk about SEO but only a few of us know about SEO its usage and how to write SEO-friendly articles so your content can rank in the google search engine.

SEO is very important for a website we all know that already because without SEO you can’t hope to succeed on the Internet, whether you are running a business or a simple blog writer, everyone needs SEO so today we are going to talk about how you can write SEO friendly article and rank in the Google search engine fast.

How to write SEO friendly articles


This is the most important thing in your blog post because this is the main attraction point for the readers after the thumbnail so your title must be related to the keywords that you have used in your blog post, it would be much better if your title contains the keywords that you are going to use in your blog post.

Use of the power words like top, best, fast, and other many words.

If you facing difficulty in generating titles then you should use this online tool such as Headline Generator to generate heading for free.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important thing in SEO, when you do content research you know what keywords you are going to use in your, using keywords of low difficulty can help you to rank your blog very easily.

Always check the keyword difficulty level, keywords with low difficulty levels are easy to rank. Almost every website provides you the keyword difficulty level so it helps you a lot, if you are a beginner then you should try keywords with difficulty level of less then 10, it will help you a lot.

There are many tools you can use for keyword research like Google Keywords, aHref, and Moz here is a list of some free keyword research tools.

Google Keywords



Content Table

This is the best helpful tool every blog has, the content table allows users to link various headings on the top of the page, and it helps users to navigate through the page very easily.

The content table looks something like this and it is placed at the top of the blog

You can use the content table very easily using different WordPress plugins.

Use of Headings

While writing content, you must divide your content into topics and use headings to describe each of them in detail. Heading attracts more attention and also allows users to understand different topics in detail and also it is also easy for the readers for them to navigate in the browsers easily.

Meta Description

Meta description is the text that is shown below the heading of your blog when your website appears on the search engine. It helps visitors to know more about the topic they are searching for, so your meta description should be up to the topic and try to define the exact topic that you are going to define in your post.

This is a meta description.

It attracts readers more than you realize.

Use Internal Links

Internal links are the links that redirect to your website from one page to another, it helps readers a lot to find related content and also increase the total engagement duration. This helps search engines rank your website.

In a normal post, you should add at least 7 internal links.

Use External Links

Linking is also a very important part of SEO, creating links with high DA/PA websites helps you to rank and also helps readers to gain more resources so they don’t have to wander on every site.

Always create authentic links, dead links can cause trouble and might hinder your post ranking.

High-Quality Content

Well, this is the center of the attraction so you better be careful what you are going to write, make sure that you are writing exactly the same thing that you have described in your keywords, if you go onboard then readers” attention will be disrupted and he might lose interest in your content.

So there is advice make sure you describe your content in simple words so that even a kid can easily understand also use related stories to tell about your content and also put some examples to make understanding easy.

Try to be in touch with readers’ feelings so they can be related to your content and once they are connected to your content you are going to rock.

The next point is that don’t judge yourself and let others decide what the public wants to see their reaction and try to understand their opinion and then write about it, it requires research but its easy you can take any topic and go their comment section and see what people are thinking about it.

Never copy content from others” posts, you cannot hope to rank your website by simply copying content from other websites, you can read their blogs and take ideas but copying content is worthless. always write unique content so that people feel like they are reading something new and going knowledge from your content.

Now I hope that you understand the true meaning of quality content.

High-Quality Images

Graphical contents such as images and videos are important in SEO this makes your content attractive and also informative, though you should always use high-quality images, and never download images from google to upload on your blog, as it would ruin your blog ranking.

Use proper thumbnails that attract attention, you can create free thumbnails from Canva. Sometimes a thumbnail can help you to go viral on the Internet, this trick is mostly used in Youtube videos but it works for blogs too.

Always use authentic images from reputed websites, there are many websites where you can download high-quality images and videos for free and you don’t even have to worry about copyrights.

Here is the list of websites where you can download free Images and Videos




Here is the complete list.


SEO is a long-term investment, you have to work continuously to see the results, don’t expect that you have started the blog today and from tomorrow you will start making money, it takes a minimum of 3 months to rank a blog if you are starting from scratch.

Always follow the trend and stay up to date with the latest updates, always check what’s happening in the market and what people are doing now related to your field. Now I hope you understand the basics of SEO and ranking of blog posts.


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