Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach | Hollow, Bankai, and True Zanpaktou | TYBW 2023

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school 15 years old kid, since he can see spirits around him so he is no ordinary kid from the start, and you will soon know why. Ichigo is the protagonist of the Bleach Anime, his soul reaper powers get activated by Rukia Kuchki when she was hunting hollows in Tokyo city.

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And now since he has gained the powers of a soul reaper he has to fulfill the duties of the soul reaper and since Rukia kuchki has lost her powers in the human world. Ichigo lives with his father and two sisters and goes to school like a normal kid in the day and at night he hunts down hollows like a Shinigami.

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People with powers of soul reapers are called shinigami in the bleach anime. They usually fights with the blade.

Ichigo Bankai

After getting the powers of the soul reaper, Soul society took Rukia from the human world to the soul society because it was illegal to share the powers of a soul reaper with a human. Now Ichigo is furious to save Rukia from getting killed in the soul society.

Every soul reaper has their own sword and they have a name when soul reaper can call the name of their sword they can use special powers hidden within their blade in the form of a living soul known as Shikai.

Bankai is the second stage of evolution of the blade that soul reapers call Bankai. from Shikai to Bankai powers increase from 10-20 times from their original powers.

It takes hundreds of years for a soul reaper to master his Bankai, But there is another shortcut developed by Kiske Urahara developed and tasted on himself in which a soul reaper can master the Bankai in just 3 days.

Ichigo Kurosaki managed to master his bankai in a matter of just 3 days and also defeated his first opponent Byakuya Kuchki. Although that was not his true bankai, we will talk about his true Bankai later in the article.

The name of his Bankai is Tensa Zangetsu

Hollow Ichigo

Ichigo has the powers of a shinigami and hollow since his mother’s soul was bound by the hollow and a shinigami father he inherited both of their properties and became a shinigami with hollow powers and after mastering the Bankai his hollow powers began to appear.

Shinigami with Hollow’s powers was no coincidence since it was the plan of Aizen same from the start, Aizen was the one who created the situation to become everything like this.

There was a group in the soul society that was exiled along with the Kiske Urahara they were the experimental projects of Urahara and it include Captain the Gotai 13 division 5. They all are called the Visords since they are the soul reapers who have mastered the powers of a hollow.

The hollow inside Ichigo was no ordinary hollow it was White from the experiment of Aizen, so it was very difficult to control, even though they tried and managed to control it for the first time.

When the hollow inside Ichigo was released, it caused tremendous disasters and spiritual pressure became so dense that ordinary shinigami couldn’t even handle it.

Vastro Lorde Ichigo

And when Ichigo died once, White completely took over and overpowered his opponent uqiora espada no. 4 and also killed him without hesitation like a hollow. White is a true menience. This form is also known as Vasto Lorde

Ichigo Final Form

Throughout the anime, Ichigo has changed many forms like from human to a soul reaper and then a Bankai User and then he awakens his Hollow white and when he dies true form of white comes over and then when Ichigo lost his powers he got to know about his fullbring powers and then he got a new form after that when he again gets the powers of a soul reaper his powers combines with the fullbring powers and Ichigo gets a new form with also changed Zanpaktou design.

And now in the Next Quiency Invasion Arc Ichigo is going a get a new form since he has awakened his true Zanpaktou and Quiency powers together he can now use them together.

Ichigo’s true Zanpaktou is Zangetsu.


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