Is Tesla Phone Real or Just some Rumors? A Powerful Phone in 2023

Tesla Phone

We are getting news on various social media platforms that tech billionaire Elon Musk is going to launch his own smartphone “Tesla Pi Phone”. Everyone is going crazy about this and asking on Twitter when this is going to be launched and many of them have even shared some visuals, although those are not officials so that doesn’t require attention.

Computer arts has shared an article saying that “if Tesla phone looks like this we want it now”.

Tesla has already concurred with the electric vehicle market so it would not be surprising that they are now going to enter in the smartphone market, although no official statement has come from the company or Elon Musk himself, don’t know why people are making so much racket.

Conclusion: If there is no official information from the officials then it’s futile to make noise about something which you don’t know anything about.

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Just hang on if Tesla is really going to launch a phone then it’s pretty sure it won’t launch a single phone, you would have enough time to buy it, if you are so obsessed with that.


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