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Moj App download

What is the Moj app?

Moj is a short video publishing platform, that allows users to create a short video and publish it you can also call it the desi version of TikTok because when TikTok was banned these apps came into the limelight.

Now how to create a video on the Moj app?

Creating a video and publishing it on the platform is as easy as breathing air, you just record the short video with 10-15 seconds of voiceover or add music and publish it directly.

Ofcourse, before all that you need to create an account


Moj has some good features, Moj has a creator’s fund that pays creators when they reach certain milestones and complete the criteria. But don’t expect to make huge money from this app.

The second good feature is that you can follow your favorite creator and there are many movie stars on this app, so you can follow them too.

The third feature is that you can chat with the people here.

Moj App download

Downloading the Moj app is very simple, just go to the Play Store and you can download it directly from there. or just click on the download button below you will be redirected there.

If your smartphone doesn’t have Play Store and still you want to download it on your phone, click on the link below downloading will start directly.


Moj reviews are pretty good with 1.7 million votes it stands with a 4.7 star rating which is pretty good for some useless apps that waste people’s time.


I write because I don't like speaking.

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