One Piece Battle of Gods

One Piece Battle of Gods

After Luffy defeated Kaido, King of the Beasts, He became the official emperor, they left the Land of Wano and now they are on the Egghead Iceland with Doctor Vegapunk.

In an interview, Oda said that the real One Piece Story is about to start now. While Escaping from Egghead Iceland they were amused by the CPO agents.

CPO was given the task to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk along with Egghead Iceland because he was researching for the Void Century.

Due to some reasons, the CPO agents refused to kill Dr. Vega punk and formed an alliance with the Straw Hat Luffy and now they are making an escape from Egghead Iceland.

After hearing this the Five Elders from the Maries Wa decided that now they will eliminate the straw hat Luffy, One of the Five Elders is tagging along with Admiral Kizru to make sure the Straw Hat Luffy dies.

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Why Real Story Begins Now?

Till now more than 1000 episodes have been released till now, and 1100 Manga chapters, still we don’t have any clue about the story’s main villain or secrets about anything like old legends.

Fleet Admirals are considered to be the highest-ranking officers in the One Piece but till now we haven’t seen any Admiral fighting with their full might.

This is the time when they are going to face God himself and this time no one is running like Sabaori.

Luffy VS Who?

Now the Egghead Iceland, there are two monsters heading toward Luffy and we are going to see the five elders, Saturn in action.

This is definitely going to be Luffy vs Saturn because Zoro has to settle scores with Admiral Kizru, what he did to Zoro on Sabaori was unforgettable.

What kinds of power Saturn has we have no clue but we should never underestimate the old mans in the anime.