Online Scams and Identity theft | Scam Alert | Amazon Scams

Online Scams and Identity theft | Scam Alert | Amazon Scams

Online Scams and Identity theft | Scam Alert | Amazon Scams

As the Internet is growing day by day people are getting involved more and more with it, It has been more than 3 decades since the Internet is in the hands of the normal public and is easily accessible.

You may have heard this Great power comes with great responsibility this thing applies completely to the Internet. The Internet can change your life in the blink of an eye and the converse is also true.

You have seen people doing normal things and going viral on the internet and the next day they are seen in some ads means they are making lots of money.

The Internet is used in every field and there are problem creators, as the information is now on the Internet it’s easy for anyone to steal your data and use it against you like bank account information and many more.

But scammers are being creative day by day as I said Internet is evolving so are criminals.

Online scam can happen in any way like you suddenly get an e-mail saying to change your password or update your passwords and once you enter your data they are sent to the scammer instantly now they have full access to your accounts this is a common scam is known as Phishing attack.

Another form is that you are browsing a random website an a pop-up message appears saying that your phone or PC is in danger download this app/software to fix this problem or they will provide you their no.

Once you download their app/software they can telecast your all data to their own computer.

So today we going to talk about the most common scams how do criminals execute them and what govt. is doing about them.

Amazon Scam

In this scam, some random people will call you from a different country but their phone no. is seen as normal someone is calling from your state and they will directly tell you that someone has ordered this product of worth $XXX and

if you didn’t order this thing then you have to cancel your order and when you will go to your account and find nothing they will insist you to connect their screen-sharing software with your and

when you do so they will be able to gain access to your account and steal all your data and after some time they will order gift cards from your account it’s the easiest way to get away with your money. the time when you realize something sketchy is going on you are already robbed.

Income Tax Scams

This type of scam is commonly popular in developed countries, In this scam some people will call you and act as if they are from the Income tax department most probably they will try to contact older people like Grandpa or Granny

so they can manipulate them easily and also they don’t have much knowledge about taxes so they believe the scammers say.

after they contact they will tell you, you haven’t paid your income tax properly and you have to pay a fine of $XXX amount if you want to settle this here otherwise you have to go through court and end up paying more than that.

this is an obvious trap and most of people fall for that, in the next step they will tell you to pay in cash and you have to deposit in a certain bank account that they provide and once you do that, you fall right in their trap.

Once your money is gone outside the country no one can get it back.

Credit Card Scam

In this scam, the scammer will call you acting as a bank manager your employee. and they have a common line “Sir your card validity is going to expire today if you want to continue using your card you have to give your card information so we can update it instantly”

once you give your card information they will ask for OTP and as soon you give OTP they will wipe out your all available amount.

To simply avoid this know that the Bank will never call you to get sensitive data on the phone if you are getting this call go to the bank with documents otherwise avoid this type of call and another thing is that the expiary date of your card is written on your card just have a look carefully.


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