Record of Ragnarok! Gods vs Mankind the ultimate battle | Adam, Poseidon and Zeus

Record of Ragnarok

From the origin of mankind, we are completely destroying the earth, and now Gods have decided that they are going to erase mankind from the earth. So they we about to pass judgment when Valkarie arrived and promised one on one battle with Gods vs Humans, Zeus, and other Gods accepted her proposal that if humanity lose the battle they are going to be wiped out from the earth, and if they served they are given another 1000 years to live.

The battle started in the great Valhalla and both the Gods and mankind has their representative, all the human representatives were not announced, so the gods were announced one by one and sometimes the orders were changed to.

Thor vs Lu-Bu

The first battle began between Thor representing Gods and Lu-Bu representing making, in the beginning, everyone thought that humans don’t stand a chance against the Gods but the results were quite the opposite.

Thor was injured in the battle and had to fight with his all force in order to defeat Lu-Bu.

And the result of the first battle was decided as the Thor winner.

Zeus vs Adam

The second battle began between Zeus and Adam, this fight was also very interesting because this was the fight between the father of all Gods and the Father of all humans.

Adam has the ability to copy every move and reflect them back, since Adam was the first human that the gods created, Gods created Adam as their reflection this was the power stowed upon the humans by the Gods, so he was easily able to dodge and reflect the same move on Zeus.

But in the end, it was a fight of endurance so Zeus won the fight. and humanity lost the second battle between humans and Gods.

Poseidon vs Kyjuro Sasaki

The third battle began between the Gods of seas and History’s biggest loser Kyjuro Sasaki. After two consecutive defeats, the humans couldn’t afford to lose the third battle. But they have no other option than Kyjuro Sasaki.

After winning two consecutive battles, Gods were confident that humans has no chance of winning this battle and everyone hope so.

Poshiden was no joke he live up to his name but Kyjuro was not someone whom you could defect easily he was a master swordsman and has learned every technique in swordsmanship.

After a long-fought battle between the God of the seas and history’s greatest loser, humanity snatches victory from the hands of the Gods. This is the first time a greek god has fallen.

With the death of the Poshiden, the first season of Record of Ragnarok ended and the next competitors were announced, Hercules vs Jack the Ripper.

Record of Ragnarok season 2 here.

Record of Ragnarok Manga

Record of Ragnarok has published 74 chapters of the manga, a story is still incomplete so it’s not going to completely finish very soon.

You can read manga and all chapters here for absolutely free here.

Record of Ragnarok Characters

Here are the all main characters in the record of Ragnarok in anime season 1


We all know him as the Godfather of the cosmos, he is the one who accepted the challenge of Ragnarok in order to decide whether humans should live or die, he is one of the strongest Olympian gods among Hades and Poseidon.


Thor is the Norse God, also known as Odin Son Thor, he is famous for his Hammer, which he can use to crush his opponents. He is also known as the God of lightning. He defected the Lu-Bu in the first round of Ragnarok.


He is also one of the Olympian gods known as the God of the seas, Poseidon fought the second battle in the Ragnarok and died.


aphrodite is another Greek god of Love and beauty, she is one of the spectators in Ragnarok, and she is not going to participate in the battle, we all know that


Adam is the first human that God ever created on their own reflection, Adam has the power to copy other moves and redirect them back. He fought Zeus in the round second of Ragnarok and fell.

Kyjiro Sasaki:

This man needs no introduction because he is the one who fought in the third round of Ragnarok and slayed Poseiden in one on one battle, this is the first time when history’s greatest loser won the first time.


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