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Record of Ragnarok season 2

Record of Ragnarok Season 2

The record of Ragnarok season 2 has been divided into two parts, part 1 has been released with 10 episodes.

God of War Hercules VS Jack the Ripper

Season 2 Part 1 was the battle fought between the God of war Hercules and Jack the ripper the famous serial killer from London. At the start the battle seemed one-sided because no one has seen what was coming next. Jack the Ripper has countless tricks and he also planned the London city on the battle marina to gain the upper hand and at last he was successful in tricking Hercules and Killed him.

God of Destruction Shiva vs Raiden

The second battle in the Record of Ragnarok season2 part 1 was fought between God Shiva and sumo wrestler Raiden, Raiden has unparallel strength and because of countless years of training was pretty powerful and pushed Lord Shiva to his limits, but in the end, his body couldn’t hold much longer and crumbled to pieces.


Buddha is probably one of the coolest and most badass characters in the Record of Ragnarok anime, he is also the one who helped Valkarie to forge themselves into weapons and use their full power. Initially, Buddha is on God’s side but at the end of season 2 part 1, we saw that Buddha has decided to save humanity and fight from their side.

All the other gods are pissed at him but he doesn’t care a bit, told you already he is one of the badass characters in the anime.

Now we have to see who is going to be his opponent since Zeus was the one who approached Buddha to fight from God’s side.

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Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is an astonishing anime based on Gods and Humans from different mythologies and in every era, the strongest humans face gods in battle in order to decide whether human civilization lives for another 1000 years or not.

The record of Ragnarok starts from Valhalla where the decision was made to wipe out the humans from their existence because they were destroying everything like forests, land, and rivers as they were progressing further, so the gods led by Zeus decided where they should wipe out the human race.

They almost decided to kill humans but Velkarie intervened in the end and Ragnarok was decided, We don’t know why Valkyrie decide to team up with humans to save them but anyway she choose the warriors from different eras in order to win Ragnarok.

Record of Ragnarok Characters

We have many characters in season 2 from Record of Ragnarok


Hercules came to the battlefield after his Poshiden was defeated by Sasaki Kojiro. Hercules was here to take revenge on his fallen God but met with the most Melus man in the history of mankind Jack the Ripper.

jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was the one to face Hercules in the Battle arena, he had countless tricks on his hands and he manipulated Hercules for a very long on the battlefield, and in the end he was successful in killing Hercules.

Jack the ripper was a very famous serial killer in London during the industrial revolution and no one knows his identity till now.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the God from Hindu Mythology, he is also known as the god of destruction and making it again from nothing to everything. Lord Shiva faced Raiden and successfully defeated him in the battle.


Raiden was the undefeated Sumo wrestles from Japan, his abilities were parallel, since the birth his muscles were too strong that it break his bones, in order to live he has to seal his body and from there he start living his life as sumo wrestles and because of his powers he was able to defeat his opponents very easily.


Buddha’s appearance was the coolest moment in the anime, he is badass character and also fearless, he doesn’t even fear Zeus. He decided to fright from humanity’s side in the end of the season 2.

These are the new main characters introduced in season 2 Part 1 of Record of Ragnarok, further characters will be introduced as the anime continues.


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