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Rich Dad Poor Dad pdf

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad and Poor Dad is one of the most popular books in the world written by Robert Kiyosaki, Everyone should be aware of finance and how money works, In his book he has explained everything about the nature of money and how rich people stay rich.

In this book, the poor dad represents the conventional ways of making money like going to school studying hard getting good grades, and finally getting a job, whereas the rich dad educates you about money, how to create wealth, and build assets that help you get rich.

Robert KiyosakiRich Dad Poor Dad
WriterRobert Kiyoski
No. of pages241
File Size12MB

This boos is available for free but only a few people read it, if you are the one who is looking to build a generational wealth then you should read this book once. Click on the Download button and

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF

If you are too lazy to read this book, you can listen to it on Amazon Audible, though you have to pay for it. Amazon Audible

This book Mainly focuses on making money and financial knowledge for everyone from a kid to an old man, everyone can read this book.

This book shows you the different methods in which you can use the money to work for you, In other words, you can put your money to work so that it automatically generates revenue for you.

This book defies traditional ways of making money and encourages the readers to make money from the new resources and think like an entrepreneur.

The book Rich Dad and Poor Dad inspired millions of people across the world.


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