Saturo Gojo is Out of the Box after 19 Days

saturo gojo

19 Days for Gojo 2 years for us

Saturo Gojo is Out of the Box

Since Gojo was sealed inside the prison realm, many things going on in the jujutsu would like the Culling game in which sorcerers from different backgrounds challenge each other to win over also there are many sorcerers from the ancient time sealed and now they have come to real life.

Prison Realm:

The prison realm is a special grade curse object that allows you to seal anyone for eternal life and can be opened from the outside and require special objects to do so like in the case of Gojo Angel and Yuta broke the seal. and also to seal someone as powerful as gojo nature some special conditions are needed to be met.

It is said to be the final remnant of the Buddhist Monk Genshin.

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Gojo was sealed inside the Prison realm while fighting with Jogo in Shibuya station and after that everything went bazzare Many characters evolved and also Sukuna has taken over the Yuji many times since then and now it has devoured the Magumi’s soul.

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After Magumi was lost to Sukuna’s hand there are not many options for Gojo’s students that they can do because no matter how hard they try they can’t beat Sukuna and they seriously need powerup, chapter 118 when Sukuna left Yuji’s body and took over Magumi we are shown some level ups but its nothing in comparison to Sukuna.

In chapter 221, Angel removes the seal placed on Gojo inside the prison realm, and when the seal break they didn’t find Gojo there because he has already teleported where Kenjaku was currently walking, he was surprised to see Gojo there because Tengen told Kenjaku that if the seal were broken that Saturo Gojo will be disappeared along with it. Gojo warned him that he should speak carefully they might be his last words.

How Gojo knew Kenjaku was there and he reached there in the blink of an eye, nothing was explained much but we can’t expect much explanation because he is Gojo Satureo the strongest sorcerer in the History and present time.

Now they both were talking and Sukuna jumped over Gojo to attack him but Gojo handled him carefully and they announced that the big battle is going to be held on December 25th so the time has came we all were waiting for our powerhouse to return and now he is back and the long pending battle between Sukuna and Gojo is going to be astonishing. At the start of the series, Gojo told us that he would win.

Gojo vs Sukuna

It’s difficult to say who would win the battle but we are waiting for both of them to show us their powerful curse techniques, since Sukuna has taken over the Magumi he also has acquired his powerful shikigamis like ten shadows we also don’t have much information about his hidden arsenals and would his domain expansion work on Gojo.

If we talk about Gojo we have heard from the start that he is the strongest sorcerer and there is no one above him, he is not afraid of anyone and can beat anyone, we have also seen Gojo’s domain expansion and his curse techniques like red reversal and blue reversal, purple hollow for attacks.

It’s difficult for anyone to say that this character would win and this would lose so let’s wait for the writer to write the best content for us.

The next chapter will be released on May 15, 2023 till then bye bye 🙂


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