The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 | Anime and Manga

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 | Anime and Manga

Hello there folks, today we are here to discuss the New Gen fantasy anime Misfit of Demon King Academy

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2


After centuries of war between humans and Demons, Demon King Anos Voldigos proposed a plan to the Hero of humans to build a wall between both humans and demons so no one could interfere in one another’s matter and people from both sides could stay safe.

The plan was to kill Anos the Demon king and when the power was released will create walls between humans and the demon realm. and the same was done by Heros.

But after years have passed and now the Demon king Anos has been resurrected again, this time Anos was born into a common family but in a span of months he gained his powers and started going to the Demon King academy to observe the current situation more carefully.

He was surprised to know that society has been divided into two, the people who call themself Royal Blood and the commoners who possess fewer magical powers compared to others people.

Royals always exploited the commoners everywhere and sometimes even they kill them and nobody cares much or cannot do much. ANos was surprised to know all of these but the most surprising was that nobody knows the previous demon king and someone changed history when Anos was not present.

Now Anos is searching for the person who did these and also fights the so-called Royal blood, ANos is overpowered so it’s not difficult for him to manage everyone at once. The fact we haven’t even seen his true powers.

Season 2

The misfit of Demon king academy is currently airing season 2, 6 episodes have already been released and each episode is released every Friday.

Season 1 has 13 episodes all episodes are English dubbed.

You can watch season 2 for free here.

In season 2 Anos and his fellow team members are searching for the person who is currently ruling as the demon king and most probably Anos is going to destroy him for the mess he is causing, In his journey, he met various people like the spirit Queen who was with Anos 2000 years before everything happened.


Misfit of Demon King academy manga has released four volumes and 15 chapters in volume 4, also the manga is not finished yet but also not airing.

Read Misfit of Demon King Manga here.


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