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Today we are sharing with you the top 10 anime updates from the popular anime in the community and these are not fan theories, these are official statements.

Anime Updates

One Piece

The biggest update from One Piece about the death of an important character in the series, Oda has never hesitated to bring shock to us.

In an interview at the beginning of this year, Oda gave a few hints about the death of an important character and now we might have some idea about it.

If you are following One Piece manga you know that Garp is the character most probably going to die. There is no one to save Garp from there.

Jujutsu kaisen

The first update is from the popular new-gen anime or simply from Gojo, Jujutsu kaisen has stopped the continuation of Jujutsu Kaisen after 6 episodes of the Hidden Inventory arc.

The Next art the Shibuya incident arc with start airing from the last of this August. So fans have to wait a little while for the next episode.

The real battle will start from now on.

Record of Ragnarok

The next update is from the Netflix Record of Ragnarok, Netflix has released the next season with 5 episodes, the fight between the Buddha, fighting from the human side, and the seven gods of fortune.

The fight takes a dramatic turn after the truth is revealed by King of the hell Hades.

In the following season, we will see Hades and the First Emperor in action. You can watch Reord of Ragnarok on Netflix

Black Clover

Asta is finally back to the Black Bulls, if you are following Black Clover manga, you know some interesting things are going on in the black clover manga, we are witnessing the best Demons of all time.

Demons in black clover are just hitting differently. Asta is now able to share his anti-magic powers with the rest of the black bulls.

Read Black Clover manga.


We all know that Bleach is back with Thousand Years of Blood War Arc and in its second core we are shown New Bankai of different captains and the most awaited shikai has also been revealed from Zaraki Kenpachi.

The third core is going to be released in 2024 where we will see the return of the GOAT Sasuke Aizen.

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The most hated anime also has some news for the watchers, those following the manga know that Boruto has left the village.

Someone has awakened her Mangyakyu Sharingan and Naruto has resigned from the Hookage seat. The next Hookage is going to be Shikamaru.