Top 10 crypto exchanges in 2022

Blockchain is entering in our lives slowly but surely you may not realize it but it is going to take over most of the data industry like storing data and voting in elections. Blockchain is the base of crypto so to regulate crypto we need a platform.

Exchanges are the platforms where you can but and sell cryptocurrency. they also allow you to store your crypto but no one recommend you to store your crypto on exchange. To trade crypto you have to keep many things in your mind like exchange fee, is platform user friendly and more is it reliable? So, we are going to show you best crypto exchanges which are available in the market.

1. Binance

Binance is the biggest crypto exchange by highest daily trading volume. It provide more then buying and selling, you can trade in future and options they have their own NFT marketplace. You can buy crypto by P2P. and they provide staking platforms not just for crypto but also DeFi. This is the best platform that I have ever used. also they don’t charge much transection fee. It is easy to use and reliable. If you are starter you should try this. If you are going to trade in high volume then you have to verify your profile by any govt. ID.

Binance have their own crypto BNB and it is one of the biggest crypto by market cap.


Coinbase is among the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Coinbase was launched in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. It allow you to trade crypto directly from your bank account. Coinbase also provide future and options. It has now recently partnered with Blackrock. COinbase is one of the biggest crypto exchange in United States by trading volume.


FTX is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange which allow users to trade crypto. FTX has a separate for US users. It is third largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume. Exchange has more then 1 million active users because of its security and advance trading features and cost low fee.

FTX also has its own token FTX(FTT).


Robinhood is another crypto exchange based in US. It is beginner friendly Robinhood was used to trade stocks but when crypto boom started they launched their own trading platform. Robinhood offers equity, Cryptocurrency and option trading. Its low fee attracts users on their plateform.


Kraken is one of the platform that shown up early in the market when crypto was emerging. Kraken is more then a crypto exchange It also provide educational content about crypto. so, if you are newbie you must try this. It is one of the most trusted and secure platforms. you can take your investment to the next level with Kraken.


Gemini is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to trade in crypto and stablecoins. It is one of the 10 most popular crypto exchange by daily trading volume. platform has more then 125 crypto listed for trading. is a digital exchange platform founded in 2013 it supports 1400+ cryptocurrencies and 2500+ trading pair. It provide more then trading, you can stake , margin , copytrading, leverage, API trading and many more. takes a multi layred approach to secure your account.


Bitfinix is another crypto trading platform owned and operated by iFinix Inc. This exchange is not regulated, The company operates in Hong Kong and registered in British Virgin Island. Bitfinix is not registered but it is till on of the top crypto exchanges in the world.


Huobi is one if the leading crypto exchange in the world. You can trade your digital assets securely and efficiently. Company was founded in 2013 in China and now has offices in Japan, south Korea, Hong Kong and United States. This exchange has its own token Huobi Token. Huobi has low transection fee that’s why it attracts traders and security also.


Kucoin is an digital asset trading platform. though Kucoin is not legal in US because of its strict laws.

Kucoin operates in about 200 countries. It is an centralised exchange so you have to verify your identity for transaction and it’s transaction and trading fee is also compromising so, you can go for it.


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