Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach TYBW Anime Universe

Strongest Characters in Bleach

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach TYBW Anime Universe

Today we are going to talk about Bleach’s Strongest Characters and their power levels, So stay strong and please note that these are not official numbers, your numbers can be different from these, if you are upset about anything you can show your anger in the comment section.

The First one might surprise you, and also please note that there are some manga spoilers since no further manga chapters are coming soon, we are not going to talk about anything about Bleach Hell Verse.

Bleach TYBW Arc Part-2 release date and trailer here.

Strongest Characters in Bleach TYBW

10. Kyoraku Shunsui

Kyoraku Shunsui is the current captain of the Gotai 13. He took this position after the death of Head Captain Yamamoto and now bears the responsibility to save soul society from this crisis. His power is next to captain Yamamoto. He is also one who defeated Espada 1 without use of his bankai.

Ha is also one who is going to free Sasuke Aizen from Prison in order to save soul society, although other fellow captains are not happy with this decision.

9. Lile Barro

Lile Barro is one of the Quiencies that was granted the power by Quincy King himself. He has the power of light and uses a gun that can shoot reishi his gun is also made up of reishi so he can rebuilt it after being destroyed.

He managed to defeat current head captain Kyoraku Shunsui in the resurrection form and was ultimately defeated by Nanao’s sword.

8. Gerard valkarie

Gerard Valkarie is one of the royal guards of YHWATCH, he is one of the strongest Quincy because he has the heart of the Soul King himself. He defeated Byakuya, Toshiro, and Reenji together.

He can grow in Size every time he was cut down. Ultimately has was defeated by the Zaraki Kenpachi after using his Banaki and Toshiro in his final resurrected form.

7. Uryu Ishida

Some of you are not going to agree with this but the reality is that Uryu in TYBW is stronger than the rest of the saternritter because was granted the power by the almighty himself and also chosen as the next Quincy that will lead them.

Ha has the power to deflect wounds between two users and also he is one of the smartest characters in the Bleach.

6. Zaraki Kenpachi

Zaraki is one of the five great war potentials in the Bleach Anime Universe because of his combat ability. We have already seen the battle abilities of Kenpacchi in the recent last season from fighting Espadas to Hollows no one can stand against him.

Without knowing the name of his Zanpaktau he was still strong then most of the gotai 13 captains and in the TYBW Arc he comes to know his Zanpaktau after fighting with Captain Unohana. He was suppressing his powers so that he could enjoy battle after first encounter with Captain Unohana.

5. Oetsu Nimaiya

Oetsu Nimaiya also knows as number one Zanpaktou creator, he is the one who creates Zanpaktou for all the soul reapers. With his combat ability, he was also able to defeat all royal guards himself before YHWATCH interfered in the battle and provided them backup.

He is also who created Ichigo’s Zanpaktou in the Blade and me Episode.

4. Ichibe Hyosube

Ichibe Hyosube is also one of the five war potentials in the Bleach Anime universe because of his wisdom and knowledge of everything. He named that ever exist in the soul society, he also told the real name of Renji’s Zanpaktau.

He has the ability to erase the name of anyone just by touching with his black ink that his Zanpaktau holds. After his fight with the YHWATCH ha was dead but when Ichigo called his name he came to life.

He is also known as the Monk by his fellow zero-division captains.

3. Sasuke Aizen

We all know his, because its all his plan. Sasuke Aizen is one of the five great war potentials in the Bleach ANime Universe because of his Retsu. In the fight with Gotai 13 captain, he almost killed everyone including the head captain, who lost one of his arms during the fight and still couldn’t stop him.

Sasuke is still alive and will be back as in TYBW Arc in order to save soul society from Quiencies.

2. Ichigo Kurasaki

Ichigo Kurasai is the protagonist of the Anime Bleach. He is considered of the five war potentials in the bleach because of his Latent Ability, Latent ability simply means mixed breed, because his mother was a Quincy he has Quincy powers and his father was a Soul Reaper he as the powers of a soul reaper.

He also has the powers of the Hollow and Fullbringer because of the hollow inside his mother. He has many powers and can take various forms in order to defeat his enemies and he also came from the dead because of the hollow.


YHWATCH also knows as the father of all Quincy. He was sealed by head captain Yamamoto thousand Years back but now he is back with his all powers. He wrecked the soul society and killed Head Captain Yamamoto who was alive for last 10,000 years.

YHWATCH is also the son of the soul king and has power ALMIGHTY that allows him to see future and also change it. This was the reason why Ichigo was facing difficulty in the fight against him.


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