Top 5 Online Solitaire Games to Play in 2022

Card Solitaire or Solitaire is a sort of game whose normal element is that the point to organize the cards in some efficient request or in a couple of cases to coordinate them of to dispose of them.

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Or you can say that Solitaire is a term used for all shorts of card game. And there are tons of card game available online to play and today we are ging to share the list of best Solitaire game available online.

1. Solitaired

This is an online card game available online to play, You don’t need to download or register required just start playing now.

You can select the difficulty level yourself, and track your moves, if you want to record your score in the leaderboard then you have to register yourself.

This game works perfectly on any device like a phone, PC, or tablet. It has cool sound, design, and animations. you can read the rest of the information in the website.

2. Solitr

This is another online Solitaire game available to play online for absolutely free. You will face some ads on the site but if your are playing on a desktop, then you can easily avoid them.

There are not many options available on the screen, only three options are New Game, options, score, undo and Help.

3. Solitaire Bliss

This is the next online Solitaire game with cool design and interface and is available for absolutely free. You will find here all types of solitaire game like Spider Solitaire, Card Games, Freecell, YUKON, Forty Thieves, Golf Solitaire, and PYRAMID.

You can play all these types of Solitaire games for absolutely free. If you are a beginner then you will find here the ultimate guide how to play solitaire games. The best way to improve your playing skill is by educating yourself. Since this game is free you will fins some boring ads but you can just ignore them.

you can also create your account here and save your daily progress. In the options tab you will find the rest of the functions.

4. online-solitaire

This is another free-to-play Solitaire game available online. Here you can challenge yourself with daily challenges and winnable deals. A feature-rich game with hints and undo’s.

This game is viewed as an exemplary solitaire game. They have kept the first interactive style of the ageless work of art and enhance its illustration and elements.

Join more than 1 million individuals who play multiple million rounds of exemplary Solitaire.

If you are a beginner then you can learn on their website very easily. they have explained everything steps by step. How to start playing. they also have youtube videos explaining step by step.

You can download his game on your PC, tablet, and android phone.


This is another website that offers Solitaire for free. And here you can compete with the computer.

They have explained every move and the rules how to start playing the game.

The website interface is very simple but you can enjoy the game without any interference. If you are playing this game on PC then you will see side ads that are easily avoidable. This is a one-page site dedicated to Solitaire only. Go and enjoy playing the card game.


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