People usually thinks that advertising is the only way to make money from a blog.

But that's not true, there are many ways to make money from a blog

Let's discuss 6 of them>>>

1. Advertising 

This is the primary way to make money from a blog, once you reach perticular number of visitors on your website, you can get approval for showing ads on your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is the next choice for bloggers to make money, the more product they can sell through their website, the more money they can make.

3. Selling Course

Selliing courses and other digital products can also make money on website.

Templets and PDFs cources are also one of the example.

4. Paid Articles 

Once your websites has build authority and visitors, you can start publishing paid articles from your website.

This is also known as paid guest blogging.

5. Flipping Website 

Website Flipping is not something new, In this business you buy a blog website, work on it for smetime and sell it.

6. Paid Reviews 

Paid reviews is also called sponcered post, here you write specifically for any product or service whether positve or negative.