Popular Indian  audio product manufecturer Boat suffered a data breach where 7.5 Million customers data leaked on dark web.

In the recent attack personal information of more than 7.5 Million customers was compromised, data includes sensitive information like Name, Address, Contact number, email id and customer Id.

According to reports  by fobes, the breach was enclosed by a hacker named ShopifyGUY.  Hacker gained access to the database on April 5 and shared the data on forum on dark web.

Yash Kadakia, Founder of security brigade suggested that the company should notify all affected users and enhance its security protocols.

The company has already faced finencial loss of 129 crores in year 2000-2023 despite all these challenges bost is still in comptetion with the samsung, , Fire- Boltt,  Noise and Xiaomi

Boat was founded in 2016 By Aman Gupta and Sameer Gupta, their product gained popularity because of quality and affordability.

Despite the breach the company ahs made significant growth in sales crossing over 3,000 crores in march.