Have you ever thought how much money Apple's CEO makes in a year. Here is how much he made in 2023>>>>

Base salary of  Tim Cook is same since 2016 which is $3 Million per year. But this is not the only money he is paid by the company.

Since he hold the valuable position in the company, he is paid performance bonus in stocks and that makes majority of his income.

Performance bonus impacts his earning most, which means if the company performs best in the current year, he will be paid more while if the company perfroms bad he is paid less.

In the previous year, he was paid $99 Million which is more than how much he made in 2023, ie. $63 Million. This is due to poor sales performance.

Currently, Tim Cook is worth arounf $2.2 Billion. He bcame of CEO of apple in 2011 and since than he is holding his position.

TIm Cook is paid 672 times the avarage apple employee.  Which shows the salary difference because of the position he holds in the company.