Are Small Business Owners Entrepreneurs?

Let's find out >>>

When we talk about small business and enterprenurer .  We consider them almost same but they are different I will tell you why.

The Basic difference is the goal

Primary goal of the small business is to make money while enterprenures focus of solving a problem and in the process they make money.

Let's understand this with simple example.  

If a business person is doing a banana business, he will buy banana @10/pieces and sell it for @20-30/pieces 

When an Enterprenure is given an banana, he will make banana shake and sell it for @50-60/glass

Now what is the problem is he solving here >>>

Packed fruit juice are easy to carry, and can be stored for long time. It also creates a brand and status symbole like when someone is using cold drink cans it feels premium and people are attracted toward it.

Other differences are 

Enterprenures take high risks which means they have high chances of failure than the small business

Enterprenures are generally backed by investors while small business are usually bootstrapped(self-funded).

I hope you understood the basic difference between a small business and entrepreneurs.