Global Data Centre is booming and by reports from Global Newswire it is expected to hit the market valuation of $792.29 Billion by 2032

What are Data Centres?

Data centres are large group of storage unit connected togather that can be accessed globally via internet.

Global Data market is massive there are arounf 8,000 data centres all around the world as of 2024.

Data centre opperators anticipated a small dip in the market due to economic slowdown, however demand for overall data centre is growing.

Large entreprises  are the primary contributers in the market consisting of 69% of overall global market. The increasee in dependency on cloud computing have given a major boost to the data centres.

Top 5 spenders on data centres globally are  Amazon ($18B),  Google (13.1B),, Microsoft ($12.4B),  Facebook ($11.7B), and Apple ($7.5B)

Data Centres takes millions of dollars to setup and operate this is he reason why most of the compnies just go along with the big players instead of setting up their own.