Starting a business with no money was unheard before social media came into play.

So let's discuss how to start a business from scratch with no money.

No money in business is a huge disaster.  So first you need to build a money sources from where you can fund your business

SO, you need to start from Internet.

1. Brainstorming Ideas

Write down all the possible ideas that are in your mind, and you can start with minimum capital.

You can take ides from our website also just swipe up

2. Start Creating Content 

Content creation is the best way to make money fast online.

There are many content creators who are running their business after starting from youtube.

3. Create a Business Plan 

When you start getting paid from your content creation.

You can start working on your business plans.

Since you have already an established audience because of your content creation, you can start your business with them.

4. Sell To your Audience 

5. Expand Your Business 

Once casnflow start in your business, you can expand it further.

Because of your already established audience you don't have to spend on advertising in the initial days

6. Key Point 

Running a business is harder then starting a business. There are reasons why 90% of business fail in the first year.