Coffe Shop can be an excting venture to start. Lets know step by step process>>>

1. Market Research and Business Plan

The first step toward starting any business is market research, what are the market situation, location and consumers.

2. Decide the Legal Structure 

Register your business and aquire all the necessary documents. Apply for insurence to protect your assets.

3. Location

Location are very crutail factors for suce fragile business like a coffee shop, so choose a location where people are always passing by like a metro station, college campus or beside railyway station.

4. Staff, Supplies and equipments 

After you have decided your location, it's time to buy supplies and other equipments like coffee machine, quality beans and hiring staff members.

5. Menu 

You have to decide your menu items, if you are opening a coffee shop, that doesn't mean you are going to sell coffee only. So make sure you also serve complementry items.

6. Launch Your Business

After you have decided and setup everything, launch your business with a bang. Many business use the free coffee on the launch day to gather more and more customers.

7. Marketing 

Marketing is essential for any business,to grow and sustain itself  becasue if you are not getting sales, you will be out of business very soon. You can use social media for marketing effectively.

8. Are Coffee Shop  Business Profitable 

If you choose the right location and have decent taste in your coffee, you  can certainly stay in this businesss and make profits, Coffee business has higher profit margins than the other food items. An average coffee shop owner make around $60K-$150K per annum.