Starting Online Gift Store in 6 Steps

Lets have a look >>>

1. Market Analysis 

Analyse the market  and search for gaps to fill, that sellers are ignoring.

Check the market according to customer demands and trends

2. Choose a niche 

Deciding your  niche can be difficult fr beginners, usually they jump to the products that are trensing without realising the market comptetion.

So decide your niche carefully with low comptetion.

3. Create a Business Plan 

Befire jumping straight in the business, you need to plan everything carefully like Investments, and running cost, marketing  and employees.

4. Search For a Suplier 

After you have your business plan it's time to search for the right supplier that can provide you the right products.

5. Create Yur Website 

After you got the product, it's time to setup your website where you can sell your products.

6. Marketing 

After listing products on your website, you have to create a marketing plan to attract customers and sell your product.

7. Packing and Shipping 

After getting orders you have to carefully pack and ship your product.

8. Customer Reviews

After dispaching the products you need to collect the products reviews from customers, this will help you to improve your product and also new ideas.