While The major developed economies are facing inflation crisis and negative economic growth. India is consistently beating the growth record.

Here are some reasons why???

India's economy continues to show resilience, with real GDP growth surpassing expectations at 8.4% YoY in the December quarter of 2023

In january 2024, Countries national Statistical Office estimated that India's GDP growth eill be 7.3% which is higher than the IMFs estimation i.e 6.3%

One of the Major reason why India is showing positive growth then the major developed economies is because, developed countries have groth rate of 1-2% hardly  and because of inflation and wars there is economic slowdown. 

While India is still a developing economy thats why it is expected to have such growth rate. and Indian economy is shifting from agriculture based to manufecturing.

manufecturing sector is expected to grow by 6.5% in year 2023-24 higher than the previous year.