IPL seaeon as has begin, and there are many matches being playes.

Let's see who much IPL is actually worth, where players are sold in millions>>>

IPL trophy is not worth much because the major revenue comes from advertising. Winner Team gets arounnd $3-4M

IPL is currently worth more than $10B. Many forigh investors have shown interest in buying stakes that can boost its valuation to more then $30B

The IPL broadcosting rights were sold to $6..2 B for year 2023-2027.

Currently Viacom18 own the streaming rights for IPL, which is owned by Mukesh Ambani.

IPL Title sponcers are also sold sepratelt like you might have seen sponcers like vivo IPL, DLF IPL, Pepsi IPL.

The currentl title sponcer is TATA IPL, who bought the rights for $300M for 4 years.

From Cricket bats to Player's thirt, you will see they are covered in ads.

They are sold seprately, which depends upon the spot and size.

Individual teams have seprate sponcers, along with the title and broadcosting sponcer, every players have to wear on their tshirts.