How Much Money do you think you need to retire in your country? Well believe me or not but it's going over 1.46 Million in united states

According to Northwest Mutual Fund Study, the amount of money americans think they need to retire is 1.46 Million and it's increasing continusly

This number is increased 15% more then the last year because of rapidly increasing inflation. And 57% more than the year 2020

People's magic number to retire comfortably has exploded in very short time and the gap has never been this wider.

Genz is the one going to be facing it more because their expected retiredment saving would be around $1.65M but $22,800 is the average saving they have.

Millenials think that they  would need around $1.5M but, on average millenials have saved only $62,600 which is quiet better than the Genz

Genz are the early birds in the saving for reirement game, they start saving for retirement at the age of just 22, which is earlier than the other generations.