Looking for small business opportunities that you can easily start with $10000. Well I got the perfect ideas that are very rofitable in todays time.>>>>>

1. Food Truck Business 

Food Truck is very underrated business, that you can easily start, and the best par t is that you can change your locations if your business is not working, top selling sporst for food trucks are Parking lots, beaches and public parks.

2. Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop is also a popular venture with minimum cost, you can start with medium cost where the popular brands are harging rediculusly high fee for the same coffee.

3. Vending Machine Business 

Vending machine businesses are very popular becasue they are easy to setup and operate. I have already explained how to setup a profitable vending machine business, swipe up to read.

4. fast Food Resturent 

Today people live on fast food, so this gives you huge business opportunity, opening a fast food restuent can be a profitable venture , you can either from a cart ot rent a space.

5. Handmade Jewealry 

Selling handmade jewellary can also be a great venture, today people on etsy selling  handmade jwelary and making thousand of dollars.

You can start reselling business online or offline both but today, sellling online is more profitable becasue you can reach more customers easily with the help of social media

7. House Cleaning Service

Starting a house cleaning service can be a lucrative venture, especially with the increasing demand for such services. Here's a breakdown of steps to start a house cleaning service with a budget of $10,000

8. Car Wash Business

Starting a car wash business can be a profitable venture with the potential for growth.