This man turned $35K into $8 Million trading meme coin in just 4 hours.  Let's know the full story how he did it.

He spend 178.8  $SOL around $35K  to buy to buy 4.4B $MEW just after 1 hours price started going up. and he swapped his meme coin with $SOL

MEW token is a memecoin based on solana Blockchain that revolves around dog-themed memecoin. Or you can just say it's another random memecoin

Currently MEW coin is trading at $0.002746 and rank on number 312th with the market capital of  $244M

Chain Data shows that he swapped with $SOL just after buying for 2 hours and his holdings wre more than $8M

The sudden surge in the market prices can be due to the flactuation in the crypto market. That worked in his favour .

At the end of the we all know that this was another gamble with luck on his side.  You shoud only put the money in the meme coin which you are wiliing to lose