Digital Products are doing good in the market  sine 2018. So lets see what are some trensing digital products that you can sell on etsy.

1. AI Prompts 

Since AI cam ein the market, there is high demand of AI prompts in the market since not everyone knows how to generate results from AI people buy Prompts .

2. Digital Planners 

Digital Planners are still popular on etsy, sellers are making consistant money from that. But also this is difficult for beginners to get in.

3. Stickers 

Printable stickers are also good idea and people seems to like it.

AI has make it easy for digital creators to create stickers easily.

4. Ebooks 

Selling Digital Ebooks is also one of trending products to sell on etsy.

Also this  is one of the most profitable ways for digital creators to make money.

5. Tshirt Designs 

Tshirt designs is another trensing digital product on etsy.

Thanks to AI, it has made lot easier for designers to create beautiful designs in less than a minute.