Former President's company DJT stock shares crahsed just few days after listing, Here is the full story why it happened

Last Week DJT was listed on stock exchange at the staggring valuation of 11Billion, according to bloomberg

According to reports, this crash was inevitable because, Trump's Social Media Company Truth Social was continusly burning cash and still losing customers.

This crash happened when Trump media and technology Group reported loss of $60M and revenue of just $4M

Due to this crash president's net worth has shunked by almost $1B and will continue to do so if prices keep going down.

Social Media Company makes generates it's revenue through advertising, Since the platfrom is struggling to aquire users, they are not able to generate much revenue.

Truth Social was launched in 2022 when Twitter banned Former President from their platfrom. D. Trump hold 60% of the stakes in the company alone